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Well, I did try some new fangled gardening ideas this year..these are the failures in case you might want to try them too..planted 3 year asparagus crowns hoping to get a jump in asparagus..they didn't produce so might as well save money and buy the 2 year ones.. sprayed the fruit trees with the Epsom salt mixture and no noticeable decrease in bugs..planted the sweet potatoes near the squash for squash bug control, didn't work... But at least I gave them all a try.. should get asparagus next year though.. We sure have some vicious bugs and insects here in Mo. I did till the gardens this Fall hoping to get the bug population down..will know if that works come next gardening season. Just a few thoughts on what didn't work for me.

-- Lynn(MO) (, November 21, 2001


For squash bug control it really helps to plant some icecycle or other more slow growing radish(if there is such a thing) in the middle of your squash plants. I didn't think that it would make that big a difference because I have just always done that...but this year I didn't do that with my watermelons and cantelopes and the bugs were awful over there and didn't come near my crookneck or zucs. I plant probably 5 or 6 radishes per hill and then let them completely go to seed. They keep repelling even after they are past their prime.

-- Nan (, November 21, 2001.

There are no failures, only steps to success. I found a cinnamin and water mix quite effective for ant control in our fruit trees this season. Be sure to note all success steps , the effective and ineffective both in your garden logbook for next season.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, November 21, 2001.

Jay, that reminds me....Grandpa used to tie the last bits of soap into old pantyhose and tie them in the tops of all of his fruit trees. When it rained the water would wash the soap down the trunk and he said that it prevented fruit tree borers. Used to do it to my apple tree, but hadn't thought of it in years. Thanks for putting it to mind again. I have lots of fruit trees to practice on now!

-- Nan (, November 21, 2001.

Aren't nasturtiums or marigolds good for squash bugs? lots of companion planting info out there..I just can't keep it all straight. I did try mint among my lettuces and it helped alot with flea beetles.

-- Alison in N.S. (, November 22, 2001.

Marigolds are great by anything as far as I know. I plant them all over the garden and the yard because it seems like they repell lots of things. They also cheer up everything with color. I love those giant ones called crackerjack. I had one that was so tall that it grew up under my front porch light one year. The cats apparently helped to fertilize it! :~D! I have several companion planting guides and rely on all of the old farmers in the area. They are wonderful encyclopedias of garden knowledge and are MORE than happy to talk to you about it. My favorite book is "Carrots Love Tomatoes" by Louise Riotte. Herbs are excellent for repelling bugs too. Chives can be used for mildew. I learned that from one of you all last year. It can be made into a spray.

-- Nan (, November 24, 2001.

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