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I am looking for a small used capstan winch that I can attach to a small gas engine to drill a well.

-- oxman (, November 20, 2001


Please define what a "capstan" winch is...?

-- mitch hearn (, November 20, 2001.

Your question assumes we know what type of well you are drilling and how far. For a driven 'point type' well it is childsplay to build a tripod over the well with a pulley on top to support a weight over a pipe to pound the well in. The caparin would simply be a straight smooth shaft out of a tractor PTO. Run the PTO with a rope wrapped twice arround it to pull up the weight, let the preasure off and the weight falls (wham) on to the pipe, repeat 100's of times and the well is in.

-- Mark (, November 20, 2001.

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