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hallo! from russia with love. i,m lookin for some neccesary information about laswell and his posse in the web.thanks for your time and help.so to cut the long story short-some important questions for the community 1.what is the role of laswell in the life of ion records,and are there any links in the web about ion exept normanssound.com. 2.i,m looking for any web info about following persons - peter wetherbee and his yikes label, alan douglas and his douglas music ,robert musso and muworks, janet rienstra and luma productionsand meta exept official meta site, robert soares, any info aboyt low records and the reasons of his long life . 3. sites with laswells mp3 tunes,especcialy free,exept emusic.com .4.what is the reasons of birth "russian chants" project on meldac records and how bill contacted with feoktistov

-- andrei mikriukov (lazy_citizen@pisem.net), November 20, 2001


If Robert Soares gets this email tell him I said "hello". How is his health? Bye...M

-- Malena Amaranta (malenanyc@yahoo.com), March 18, 2002.

im robert soares and still a member of bill laswellīs material productions. hereīs the answers:

1) ion records was created by bill laswell and myself with norman isaacs as executive producer. we quit after delivering about 8 records as far as i can remember.

2) peter wetherbee is now involved with computers - quit record production as far as i know.

3) alan douglas: lives in the south of france - still involved but not releasing any recordings...yet. heīs 70 something yrs old. legend...

4)robert musso: quit muworks in the very early 90īs but still is chief engineer for laswell.

5) janet rienstra: still active with meta records.

6) robert soares: low records was just an experiment. im co-owner with laswell of www.innerhythmic.com - our latest projects together consists of:

a) the herbie hancock drum&bass remixes: coming out next year on sony music. b) new praxis: featuring iggy pop, system of a down, mike patton, dave lombardo, bernie worrell, bill laswell, dj disk, dj olive, buckethead, rawthang, monkey+large, amit, paradox, and future prophecies (drum&bass vs hardcore vs turntablelism vs tribal dub). out next year on sanctuary records usa. c) pete cosey (miles davis guitarist), toshinoro kondo (trumpet), bill laswell (basses) vs submerged (drum&bass ohm resistance). out next year on john zornīs tzadik label. d) damaged (drum&bass compilation): conceived by bill laswell and robert soares - various artists from the usa, europe and the uk. out next year on sanctuary records usa. e) brutal calling: bill laswell vs ohm resistance submerged. a hardcore avant garde drum&bass answer to sept 11th, already out on john zornīs avant label.

i guess that we are really deep into urban breakbeat music nowadays, which translates into drum&bass. we just wish to take it to a different level - using it as a tool to achieve new music.

this is it for now.

robert soares

-- robert soares (innerfunktion@hotmail.com), October 11, 2004.

interesting....always was curious as to more info on you, as your name has appeared on various projects for ages...

dave http://www.silent-watcher.net/

-- dave (dave@silent-watcher.net), November 12, 2004.

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