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Does anyone have any dev times for new Ilford Delta 400 (120 rollfilm) in Patterson FX39 developer? I have them for the old Delta, but am not sure if they are different for the new emulsion.

Many thanks.

-- Ed Hurst (, November 20, 2001


Ed: I don't have the times for FX39, but in my developer, Delta 400 (new) requires considerably less than 400 Delta (old). The reduction in time is about 25%. I can also add that Delta 400, for me, requires slightly less time than Delta 100--9 min vs. 9.5 min. Hope this helps.

-- Ted Kaufman (, November 20, 2001.

Thanks for that, Ted. I've found a similar thing for my regular developer. It would be interesting to know what the advised times are for FX39 and the new film...

-- Ed Hurst (, November 23, 2001.

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