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I have just received the new Atlas N-Scale GP7's in the C of G paint Blue and Gray scheme. This has inspired me to consider alterations to my layout. I am not a painter. Can anyone recommend someone who could custom paint CofG passenger cars in the Blue&Gray scheme? E or F units? Though not prototypical I would probably start with the Kato undec smooth side cars. Any suggesions or experience with type of project would be appreciated. I am thinking about modeling the Central after it took over the L&N and Atlantic Coast Line railroads in 1960 and 1962 but before they bought the Illinois Central and Soo line rails. Therefore my passenger trains would be longer and more diverse than the Nancy or Man O' War.

-- Arnold W. Eaves (, November 17, 2001


Microscale set 1079 is described on the Society's web site. The URL of this page is

This description can be reached from the Home Page by following the link under "Modeling."

The goal of the Web page is to help in modeling projects by supplementing the information provided with the decal set.

-- Ron Wright (, November 20, 2001.


Microscale carries two different CofGa freight car decal sets. These were produced from digital artwork provided by the CGRHS. Set 60-1093 has black lettering and will accurately letter CofGa covered hoppers from about 1940-1963. Set 60-1079 has white lettering and will letter CofGa 40' and 50' box cars from about 1937-1963. Although this set is specifically designed for box cars, most of the lettering can be adapted for use on other styles of cars (cabooses, open hoppers, etc.) These sets should be available through your local hobby dealer. If you can't locate them, let me know via e-mail. The Society has a supply of these which we sell at train shows.

Although I don't model in N scale, I believe that MicroTrains has produced a model of the 50' blimp box car (perhaps in two different numbers) as well as a wood side box car. I think that Atlas has a covered hopper available in THE RIGHT WAY scheme. Any good hobby shop should be able to tell you what is currently available.

Allen Tuten

-- Allen Tuten (, November 20, 2001.

I have a question. I am currently building a 2'X4' N-Scale layout and have already built up a collection of modern freight cars and a "High- Hood" N&W Locomotive to model a freelance NS Branchline in the 1980s as a former Central Of Georgia line. Now that Atlas has released the new GP7s in Central Of Georgia paint, I'm looking to build up a consist of older freight cars to model the Central Of Georgia in the Late 1950s/Early 1960s Era just before the Southern takeover, but I'm having a very hard time finding anything in N-Scale in Central Of Georgia paint and an even harder time finding any Central Of Georgia Decal Sets in N-Scale except for locomotives only. I don't want all "Foreign Roads" on my Central Of Georgia freight consist as that would not be prototypical. I would like to have at least half or two- thirds of my freight consist to be Central Of Georgia paint as most roads in the "transition-era" ran alot of "Home Road" cars on their freight trains, and locals were mostly 100% "Home Road" freight cars. If anybody can tell me where I might get my hands on some N-Scale decal sets, I would greatly appreciate it. My plans are to purchase several N-Scale Micro-Trains 40' Box Cars Undecorated, a Kato Cupola Caboose Undecorated, the two Atlas GP7s in Central Of Georgia paint, and anything else in N-Scale in Central Of Georgia paint that looks reasonably prototypical. I will also add a few "Foreign Road" freight cars into my consist from the Central Of Georgia Era, most likely some Seaboard and Southern freight cars with maybe one or two cars with a Northern or Mid West roadname. Any assistance that anyone can provide is appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Jonathan Vanover "In all of your getting, get understanding." Proverbs 4:7

-- Jonathan Vanover (, November 20, 2001.

Actually, Brian, the IC did own or at least control the CofG. In fact they even swapped some steam locomotives. That was before the Frisco controlled the CofG, which the government made them sell to the Southern....

-- Richard Cole (, November 17, 2001.

Oops! Sorry if I mislead anyone! Evidently my tongue was not as firmly mounted in my cheek as I thought is was when I made my original post. I like passenger trains and was trying to come up with an imaginary senario by which I could "justify" running long CofG trains in the Blue/Gray paint scheme. I do well remember the painful adjustment when "Central of Georgia" appeared in a tuxedo uniform and then disappeared altogether. I am all thumbs in the n-scale decal/paint department. As long as there are clumsy modelers like me there will be gainful employment for custom painters. As General Custer said. "Hey boys, I need all the help I can get!"

-- Arnold W. Eaves (, November 17, 2001.

Whew.....I'm not really sure where you obtained your information pertaining to the history of railroads and their mergers but I strongly suggest another source. To be honest, I had to read your post a couple of times to make sure I was reading correctly. I kept thinking I must be missing something. I seem to remember "TRAINS" magazines website having quite a bit of good information about "Fallen Flag" lines, as taken over lines are commonly refered to, and there are other excellant sources of good info.

Quickly though, the CofG did not take over the L&N and ACL. ACL and SAL merged to become Seaboard Coastline and later SCL and L&N merged their operations and became known briefly as "The Family Lines" which included several other smaller southeastern railroads. Later on the Family Lines became known as Seaboard System and merged their operations with the rail system operating under the "Chessie System" name and became the present day CSX. The CofG did run some passenger trains in conjunction with the L&N and ACL many years ago but at no time did they fall under the same ownership.

As for IC, again no connection of ownership to the CofG. The IC did serve as the northern carrier for the Midwest-Florida passenger trains that traveled via the CofG from Birmingham to Albany but again no common ownership between the IC and CofG.

The Soo Line has absolutely no ties to the CofG. There was no connection or direct interchange between the two roads and no joint passenger trains. About the best you could hope for there would be a Soo Line freight car traveling over the CofG from time to time. The Soo is an upper Midwest line that was absorbed by one of the Canadian Roads several years ago......I think. I have to admit to not being current on the ownership of all the former lines in the Midwest.

As for the CofG, it was taken over by Southern Railway in the 1960's and after subsequent mergers Southern undertook with N&W and Conrail, the majority of the former CofG lines are now operated under the Norfolk Southern banner. Various branches have been sold off to short line operators and there have been several abandonments.

Again, there are several sites on the web that can give you specific dates but I believe the above to be a brief overview of the disposition of the lines you mentioned.

I welcome any corrections to my post as there are some that frequent this board that are much more versed in the history of railroads than myself.

Bryan Smith

-- Bryan Smith (, November 17, 2001.

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