Has Richard Gere gone to the Middle East to Compromise Peace

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I havent heard anything recent about Mr. Geres obective to make peace in the middle east! Nothing against him mind you, I really have enjoyed Richard's work in Movies: one of my favorite actors! but Im troubled by speeches that make no sense! In such a crisis as this, do we need celebrities to lash out against defending our nation! I cant believe what I heard when he spoke that night!

This is not a hate email against Gere; I was just shocked

People have thier own opinion in our free society!

Just didnt get Mr. Gere's message!

God Bless America!

Gerald Frost

-- Gerald T. Frost (FrostyJ@prodigy.net), November 17, 2001


I think Richard Gere is a very proficient actor. But what he says, and its meaning.... Based on what I have read and heard,his primary #1 interest lies with the Dalai Lama, the Buddhist Religion, and the politics of China & Tibet. Richard Gere has contributed some of his time to AIDS.

-- me (me6@nyc.com), March 09, 2002.

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