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Hello, my name is Bro. Willie Glaster. I'm a member and lictentiate of Bethel AME Church in San Antonio, TX. I'm trying to contact several people at the 10th District office. For the Debutante/Masters Commission (Sis. Vader Jackson),; Agape Community (Sis. Gladys King); Theological Scholarship Chairman (Rev. Leo Griffin). Currently I'm also a member of our Men's Ministry at Bethel. We are trying to organize a prison/jail ministry for Bethel. I don't have guidance or procedures to follow on how to begin and whom to contact. Next, I'm trying to contact someone at the 10th district office concerning the Master's program. There is a major step in getting our young men involved. Is there resources (such as seminar notes) that someone might have in order to give us guidance? Currently I am a full-time student at Oblate School of Theology here in San Antonio, TX. Oblate is ATS approved. I have had to take a student loan just to begin classes for my Masters of Divinity program this semester. People keep telling me that the AME church desires to support their people who attend college. However, when it comes to finding those AME resoursces for scholarships,grants or fellowships, either we as a church get tight-lipped or no one has answers. Also as a retired military person I've recently was denied to participate in the Vocational Rehab Program through the Veterans Administration because I already have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. I'm a 30% disabled veteran. If you could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. My mailing address is Bro. Willie Glaster 6851 Cypress Mist Converse, TX 78109

-- Bro. Willie Glaster (, November 16, 2001


Bro glaster,

I will be getting the information to you as soon as possible, perhaps today.

Blessings, Pastor Paris

-- (, November 19, 2001.

The Rev. Wilma Fountain of the Texas AC is charged with developing Prison Ministry for the district. She is looking for willing workers, and may be a resource. If you have a District Directory, she should be listed. Or try Evangelist CHapel, Houston (her home church).

-- Jerryl Payne (, November 26, 2001.

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