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My wife and I are soon moving out to the country in our first step toward homesteading. It's only an acre, but, it's a start. We're hoping to find some other folks in the area. Anybody's found a co-op yet?

-- Chris Hackbardt (, November 15, 2001


We're very close......(in Orangeville). We just moved to our 5 acres this summer and are in the process of getting our little homestead going. Welcome to the country!!

-- Lisa (, November 15, 2001.

HAstings?? sounds familar,, but cant think if where tha is right now. IM in Lake County,,, and found a good CO OP in CAdilac

-- stan (, November 15, 2001.

Hastings is south of Grand Rapids (south and slightly east).

-- Lisa (, November 15, 2001.

I'm northeast of Battle Creek. My sister lives in Hastings. Don't know of a co-op, but I'm interested, too. Let me know what you find out! Any time you want to chat, you can e-mail direct. Better put countryside in the subject, I'm rather reckless with the delete option!

Good luck!


-- Amy (, November 15, 2001.

ok all you ganders,, here is somthing I found,, will work great for your area,, there are lots of places near G.R. is any ganders miss this,,, pass it on to them

-- stan (, November 15, 2001.

Amy, I am southeast of Battle Creek.

-- diane (, November 15, 2001.

Thanks everybody for the input.

And Stan, that MIFFS website looks pretty nifty, thanks loads.

-- Chris (, November 16, 2001.

NE of Battle Creek. My favorite auction dealer is in Hastings, Appletree auction. Hastings is a nice area

-- Mark (, November 17, 2001.

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