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Does Lyudmila Putin wear a bra?

..and was it a tad chilly in Texas today?

Nice rose, too!

-- (yet @nother. quiz), November 14, 2001


Probably. Um...Was she just holding the cat or something? What is all over the front of her sweater? Not impressed by the hair. I would think she could afford a better cut/ colorist. hmmm

-- (hmm@i. dunno), November 14, 2001.

Move along! Nothing to see here. Avert your eyes.

-- Blue Hair Patrol -- preserving your eyesight for better things (dont@look.ethel), November 14, 2001.

Hope not. Would rather think those two fine soldiers have held up unusually well.

-- Carlos (, November 14, 2001.

Of course she does, you can see it digging into her 80 pounds of excess fat.

-- yucky-poo (vladimir needs vodka @ before he can. put-in), November 14, 2001.

You can see ther ther bra strap is aroud the back, but as for her nipples scrimching up...probably caused by bush putting his hand on her and breathing down her neck. Nipples do that for much the same reasons tesicles scrinch up and withdraw into hiding-protection of a perceived threat.

-- Cherri (, November 14, 2001.

You people are just sick!

-- Jack Booted Thug (, November 14, 2001.

AMEN JBT!!! First Z, then Anita, now JBT...we will own you all soon.

-- Blue Hair Forever -- reaching out and touching you THERE... (, November 15, 2001.

Don't count on it, Ms. Blue Hair. ;)

-- Pammy (blue@haired.ladies need to get laid), November 15, 2001.

Pammy will be Blue one day. Time is the only necessary ingredient.

-- Blue Hair -- it happens (, November 15, 2001.

I take it this means that JBT and Helen won't be engaging in nekkid hat skulking in the near future?

-- Anita (, November 15, 2001.

Pammy a blue hair... never.


The Dog

-- The Dog (, November 15, 2001.

Ms. Blue Hair,

What do you mean by touching me THERE and suggesting I submit?

I will never succumb to the Blue Hair menace. My comment was directed at the eagerness with which certain posters (who shall remain nameless) leap at the opportunity to respond to threads that feature sexual innuendo and even down right perversion.

Someone posts a picture of a foreign leader and his wife sharing a carefree, light hearted moment with the first couple of the United States and immediately speculation begins over whether or not the leaders wife's boobs are locked and loaded and why she might be nipping out. Even compliments of the lady are couched in terms of her "two fine soldiers holding up unusually well".

I do agree with Cherri's analysis that close inspection of the photo will clearly reveal the mark of a bra strap across the ladies back and that the nippage could be caused by several factors. However, her speculation that said nipple scrinching (?) could be do to a phenomenon similar to male "shrinkage" does seem to be mere gratuitous speculation designed to expand the discussion into other sexual areas of anatomical reactions.


I already have done the nekkid with hat thing. Though streaking through downtown probably doesn't qualify as skulking.


Pammy will use Miss Clairol to stay young and vivacious, she will not be a part of the Blue Hair moral patrol IMHO.

-- Jack Booted Thug (, November 15, 2001.

{{{{ Dog & JBT }}}} Thank you for defending my honor and 'other' things. ;)

Ms. Blue Hair, no hair color will stop me from enjoying the things I love. I've tried it with all different hair colors and it was always fun. :)

-- Pammy ('ll like it), November 15, 2001.

We once "defended the honor of" Miss Kitty of Gunsmoke fame. It was in a college class. An overcrowded, rowdy college class. The roots of the Blue Hair began there. Apparently it had escaped our attention what Miss Kitty was doing in that saloon all those decades. And YOU, little miss "what panties?" will be a Blue Hair too. When you finally realize the futility of resisting panties, you will discover the only ones in your size are white.

-- Blue Hair -- white panties, red faces, all american (, November 15, 2001.

Whaddya mean what she was doing in that place. Miss Kitty ran the saloon didn't she?

-- Jack Booted Thug (, November 15, 2001.

BTW, when was it determined that Pammy has an aversion to panties? I try to keep up with posts both here and Unk's WWW but I don't recall any such allegation.

On further thought, perhaps it is an expression of her religious beliefs or maybe she is allergic. You shouldn't make fun of another persons religious practices or physical problems.

Never mind, I forgot where I was. Carry on.

-- Jack Booted Thug (, November 15, 2001.

"The roots of the Blue Hair began there."

Miz Helen, that's why Clairol was invented. It'll fix up yer roots right quick like. And by the way, Miss Kitty did more than run the saloon. She was the head Kitty of the er, um... never mind.

-- Festus (, November 15, 2001.

Pammy does wear panties... sometimes... : )

Miss Kitty was the Madam, not the courtesan.

Chewin' on the TV guide...

The Dog

-- The Dog (, November 15, 2001.

Says who? ;)

JBT, that thread was on the Wild West forum.

-- Pammy (helen@has.become her mother), November 15, 2001.

The old doe snuffled the woman's ear. There was no response. She looked up at the mule. "I think you hit her too hard," she said accusingly.

"She couldn't be allowed to continue in that state," the mule said. "I only tapped her twice. She was about to bring every pervert on the net into our stalls. She wasn't supposed to be knocked out this long."

The old rooster hopped down from his perch and peered intently into the woman's face. "She's breathing. You didn't kill her. Twice was one too many, though."

The woman moaned. The animals hastily backed away and tried to look nonchalant. All except the mule. Guilt and remorse worked their evil on him, and he stayed to face the consequences of his action.

Slowly, holding her head, the woman sat up. "What happened?" she mumbled. "Did I fall again?"

The mule glanced at his father the rooster. The rooster looked away. "Er...yes. Yes, you fell. Again." The mule emphasized his last word.

The woman brushed hay and goat poo out of her hair. Then she looked at her hand. A strange blue liquid coated her palm and fingers. "What is this?" she asked wonderingly. "Did I fall in the tick dip?"

The mule looked to his father the rooster for support. His father shrugged his shoulders as best as a chicken could. "Tick dip," repeated the mule. " Yes, I believe that IS tick dip! Perhaps," the mule continued smoothly, "a hot bath and shampoo are in order?"

The woman agreed this was a fabulous idea and struggled to her feet. The mule urged her to lean on his shaggy neck as he escorted her to her door. "You're awfully kind, Mule," she mumbled.

"Think nothing of it," the mule whispered. "It was my pleasure."

-- the barn! . (hide@the.dip!), November 15, 2001.

I'm not sure what's worse; the trolls and spam on the other board, or pammy's disgusting sex-capades. Who the f*** cares if she wears panties, practices bondage, is unhappily married and getting enough sex or needs to look elsewhere, has blue pubic hair or any other friggin color, or any other aspect of her need to tell all sex life . It's on every single fricken thread and shit I'm sick of it.

I am far from a prude, but some things are just better left unsaid.

-- (it', November 15, 2001.

"it's only me" this isn't about sex-capades, it's about humor. If you can't see that, maybe you're taking life a bit too seriously. Or perhaps you're humor-impaired.

-- Pammy (get@better.soon), November 16, 2001.

it's only me,

I tend to agree

Flirtin' ain't so bad

unless you spray it like pee

all over the floor.

leads some to wonder 'bout them.

Nah, not me.

(pretty pitiful but I only had a moment)

How about starting a thread of your own on a subject of your choosing? I'm quite sure these folks have enough class to "satisfy themselves" prior to participating there.


-- Rich (, November 16, 2001.

Thank you Rich.

-- (it', November 16, 2001.

Pammy, I don't mind an occasional perverse joke, nor do I mind sexual oriented humor now and then. But all-pammy's-sex-life all the time is boring, annoying, rude, inappropriate at times, and quite frankly makes you look like you're in need of some serious therapy. YOU get better soon.

-- (it', November 16, 2001.

"it's only me", Pammy is a pretend person. A made up 'fantasy' that started as a joke in someone you know's behalf. (you may not know them on a personal level, but you know them)

Sorry you can't take a joke.

-- Pammy (, November 16, 2001.

Personally, I thought we were all made up people but then what do i know. Apparently we evolved into a community so of course we now have to have moral standards.

-- Jack Booted Thug (, November 16, 2001.


I know you're not a joke. I can spot a kindred spirit. I wear panties when I begin to drip on the floor.

-- (lorelei@jiffy.lube), November 16, 2001.

Pammy, don't change.

Either your personna, or your panties! Heehee!

-- Uncle Deedah (, November 16, 2001.

What panties?


The Dog

-- The Dog (, November 16, 2001.

So Unk, this is the kind of board you want, well then, you can have it. See ya (but probably not)

-- (it', November 16, 2001.

Its only me...

Just get over yourself. If you don't like what you are reading, then don't read it! Easy, simple, nothing to it...

Change the fricken channel for Chrissake!

Growlin' at the moral minority...

The Dog

-- The Dog (, November 16, 2001.

It's only me,

I want a board where folks feel free to be themselves, without the extreme nastiness and blacking out of threads that has plagued the WWW lately. I hate to see anyone go, or feel that they have been slighted here, however, I am not about to dictate how people should or should not act.

As far as I know we are all adults here, and adults should be able to ignore, or at least disregard posts that they feel are not their cup of tea. If Pammy wants to indulge in innuendo that's OK by me, and your protest of it are fine by me too.

-- Uncle Deedah (, November 16, 2001.

you be cool, unk!

-- (unk is the @ ultimate. rule dude), November 16, 2001.

Moral minority? hmm yep time to go.

Have a nice life.

-- (it', November 16, 2001.



li nk for all the gruesome details

-- (she looks like @goth. to moi), November 16, 2001.

I am far from a prude,

Somewhere along the line of that road we call life, I think I got my definitions mixed up. I consider myself a left-wing liberal, AND I consider myself a prude. Yet, I didn't see anything in any of Pammy's post that raised flags with me. I thought it was all just acting silly for fun, and I LOVE acting silly for fun. When we lose the child within ourselves, I think we might as well roll over and die.

-- Anita (, November 16, 2001.

I know who you are, Pammy. I also know that you profess to be a Christian on other boards. So...are you? A Christian I mean.

-- (it', November 16, 2001.

it', you made your point. Some folks may look back at their posts and say "yeah, I left grammar school awhile ago. Maybe I should tone down the flirty stuff just a bit." Or maybe they'll ignore your suggestion. Hey, maybe people are hookin' up here! I say go for it.

It's each individual's right to post as they see fit. It's out of your hands, AS IT SHOULD BE. Create your own forum and THEN you'll have the final say as to content. The sooner you realize this the better off everyone will be.

If you're gonna take people to task and start in with the old I know who you are BS, then stand up and be counted. Post your name (or consistent prior handle we might know) with pride. Post an email address.

Hiding in the weeds will leave you with green-stained knees.

Enjoy your weekend. Maybe we'll both lighten up by Monday, eh? :)

-- Rich (, November 16, 2001.

Its only me,

Yep, it's only you...

The world is diverse, live with it, or not, but defining what you consider to be 'proper' on someone else's board is just wrong. Much more wrong than what you perceive to be wrong.

Get over it, or just get out... End of story

Scratchin' an itch...

The Dog

-- The Dog (, November 16, 2001.

Email me, "it's only me" The address is real.

*note, this post has been edited by Pammy's request, she emailed me and asked me to do it.* --Unk

-- Pammy (, November 16, 2001.

Thanks Unk.

Anybody wanna watch two women in a fierce mud-wrestling match? Where is King of Spain when ya need him? ;)

-- Pammy (, November 17, 2001.

I know who you are, Pammy. I also know that you profess to be a Christian on other boards. So...are you? A Christian I mean.

I'm not a Christian, so I don't know a lot about how they handle sex in their lives, but is there something in the Bible that says that women shouldn't enjoy sex or talk about their enjoyment of sex? I only read the Bible through twice, so I'll defer to someone else on this subject. It seems to me, however, that the Blue Hairs started most of this sexual discussion, and Helen is a Christian and she kisses mules. She ALSO likes to play and have fun with sexual topics. Why wasn't SHE singled out? I'm not saying that she should have been singled out. I simply wonder why Pammy [the fictitious figure that's probably an alter-ego of Unk] WAS.

-- Anita (, November 17, 2001.

Anita, leave us out of this.

-- Blue Hairs -- retired, retreaded...who knows? (leave@us.out), November 17, 2001.

Anita, I think you're pretty smart, and you ask well thought out questions. I know the answers concerning Pammy being singled out, but will refrain from commenting at this time. As far as I know, Unk only had one aLTeR eGO. ;)

Helen dear, your sense of humor is priceless!

-- Pammy (, November 17, 2001.

No, I will not email you.

OOPS unk can you fix this please

-- (it', November 30, 2001.

No, I will not email you.
OOPS unk can you fix this please

Sheesh. What's next? Are you going to start threatening to post IPs again?

Why don't you just find a group of people more to your liking?

-- (just, November 30, 2001.


I don't do IP's.

Nice try though

-- (it', November 30, 2001.

Jesse's hunting page?

-- (-@-.), November 30, 2001.

I decided not to let a handful of idiots speak for a board of 60 people.

So I am here to stay. Deal with it

-- (it', November 30, 2001.

"it's only me" the problem is not your staying or posting. The problem is when you decided to get personal. I know PLENTY about your personal life, too, but have refrained from posting about it out of respect for you know who.

As I tried to explain to you on more than one occasion, Pammy is a fictional character. A persona. Can you say acting? Why can't you get that through your head? It's a game. It's for fun.

Are you getting it yet?

I've seen your posts elsewhere tonight attacking Pammy. Pammy has never done a thing to you, and neither have I. You think you're hurting me, but in turn you're hurting someone else. He doesn't deserve this crap either.

-- Pammy (, November 30, 2001.

Why do I feel like I have tuned into a soap opera and have no clue as to the story line?

-- Jack Booted Thug (, November 30, 2001.

cmon pammy , tell us what you know. I'm dying to know too.

-- major eye roll (it', November 30, 2001.

Jesse's hunting page?

-- (-@-.), November 30, 2001.
Oh my. I post using an anonymous handle, an anonymous browser, and avoid posting personal information. But, of course, I DO post a link to my vanity homepage. You were just too clever for me. GAWD, I hope you're not going to start bothering that fella!

-- (just, November 30, 2001.


You are a woman. I am a woman. I can tell a woman when I scent one. Don't deny your lusty, funky lipitude.

-- (lorelei@lubricious.lips), December 01, 2001.

"just an" now why the heck would I bother that "fella". Why in the world would I want your IP and what would I do with it. And just what or who are you trying to hide from with your cloak and your anonymizer? Is everyone out to get you? Might you be just a bit paranoid? Man I thought I was weird.

-- (it', December 01, 2001.

It's nice to see that this forum is retaining the same personality as Wild Wild West.

-- bogsworth (running@on.8cylinders), December 01, 2001.

it', or -@-, or whatever your nom du jour, beats the hell outa me why you or anyone else would want my IP. You think I'm merely weird? My dear, you have no idea.

Hi, Bogsworth!

-- (just, December 01, 2001.

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