Kodak Vigilant Six-20 filters

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Hey guys, I found a Vigilant Six-20, shot a roll of film, and it came out really good. The camera behaved itself so I'm happy. Now I want to get a yellow filter and play Ansel Adams. What size Kodak filter will fit it? Thanks, Chris Rini

-- Chris Rini (crini@gonzaga.edu), November 13, 2001


Re : Kodak Vigilant Six-20 filters

The Vigilant (not really a Brownie, but we won't argue ;-) was available with a range of lenses, which may have different diameters. You'll need to measure the outer diameter of the lens to ascertain which push-on mount you need, then having aquired that, you can source a filter to fit the mount.

-- Chris Eve (kypfer@itl.net), November 14, 2001.

I have a Vigilant Six-20 with f/4.5 lens, and I'm able to use series VI filters and a #5 (or is it 5A?) Portrait Attachment with no difficulty. Congrats on your recent acquisition! Good luck and have fun!

-- Pete Lutz (mariner8378@hotmail.com), November 14, 2001.

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