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It is with sadness I note the dissention arising on this board, but in retrospect it amazes me that it hadn't occurred long before now. I have gained much information from all of the posts here, including the ones with which I have disagreed, and I'll miss them as I do not intend to move to the new board--in spite of its flaws, this one is too darned user-friendly!

Thanks to all of you who have contributed over the many months this board has operated. You've made this "info-junkie" feel right at home!

One last post.... Good bye. :)


There was a small explosion today in southeastern Yemen near the operations of a Canadian oil company. Yemeni authorities are investigating the blast near Canadian Nexen Yemen. Company vice president John McWilliams says there was no substantial damage caused by the explosion. Canadian Nexen is based in Alberta, and has been operating in Yemen since 1987. There is no word yet on the cause of the blast.

-- Rachel Gibson (, November 12, 2001

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