Home needed for a California rooster named Rufus....

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We have two Rhode Island Red roosters (2 yrs. old), Roscoe and Rufus, who are not mean or obnoxious, which means we have 1 rooster too many. Is there anyone near or in El Dorado County, California who can give Rufus Rooster a home? If so please email me.

-- gita (gschmitz@directcon.net), November 11, 2001


I wouldn't mind having him if you can get him to Oregon... I live near Eugene and Springfield. I wanted to tell you that I have three roosters with no problems even though they are different sizes. It might be nice to keep him in case something happens to Roscoe. My 3 are a Buff Orpington,(very big,) an Arucana,(supposed to be more aggressive,) and a Silver Duckwing Bantam,(extra tiny-the size of a small pigeon.) They share a 8X8 foot coop and an aprox. 40X40 pen with 12 hens,(10 big, 2 tiny,) and a turkey hen. All go in at night. So far I've been blessed and they have gotten along. Good luck to you!

-- Leslie (leslie@ntrealdu2trlls.com), November 29, 2001.

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