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India has hydrogen-bomb, N-weapons safe: Abdul Kalam PTI New Delhi, November 11

India posses a hydrogen bomb and its nuclear weapons are "absolutely safe", noted scientist A P J Abdul Kalam, who demits office on Monday as Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government, said on Sunday. "Scientists and technicians who conducted the Pokhran II tests in 1999 are all satisfied with the results and we have a thermo-nuclear device," Kalam, regarded father of India's missile systems, told PTI here.

He was responding to a question on the controversy if the hydrogen bomb tested in Pokhran was successful.

Asked about the safety of nuclear assets, 70-year-old Kalam, who holds a Cabinet rank, said "safety standards are in-built in our country. We possibily have much better safety standards than many others".

On whether India should develop missiles with strike ranges longer than 'Agni-II', which can reach a target at a distance of over 2,200 kms, he said "It depends on what kind of enemy the country faces and its strategy for the next 10 or more years. India is capable of manufacturing (a longer range missile) if the necessity arises".

Kalam, who will be succeeded in the key post by R Chidambaram, former Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, said he was quitting his job as he wanted to work with younger people and high school students to create a scientific culture and push India to a developed nation status.

"Change, I believe, is very important in a man's life. Change allows a person to contribute very effectively," Kalam, who worked in key defence and space centres for the last 43 years, said.

-- Martin Thompson (, November 11, 2001

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