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I live in east Georgia. My soil is clay, mostly. I need to know how and when to plant a couple of stalks. How much to water, fertilize, etc. What to avoid.

-- Charles Haddon Jr. (, November 11, 2001


You should plant your cane in February. Do not strip the leaves off. Dig a furrow about 6 to 8 inches deep and lay your cane in it end to end. Cover over and set back and wait. You should not fertilize cane with commercial fertilizer if at all possible. It will have the taste in the juice! If you must use some then use very small amounts. NEVER use manure of any kind. Most cane raisers use cottonseed meal for fertilize. Place it in the furrow and cover lightly with soil then place cane on top of it in furrow, then finish covering the furrow with remainder of soil. If you can water it, you may do so during dry spells. About the last week of October(depending on the first heavy frost in your area)you can strip the leaves off and let it stand for another week. Then cut it and it is ready to chew! Frost wont hurt it to much but dont let it freeze. If you are going to save it to replant you'll want to leave the leaves on it and simply cut the top out and cut it off at the base. Then pile it and cover it with hay or dirt.

-- I M Cane (, November 11, 2001.

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