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Are fall blooming wild violets common? We had never noticed them before. Doing clean up work at an acreage we bought this summer, and what do you know --- there are violets blooming! Has anyone else seen this?

-- Stephanie from Illinois (, November 11, 2001


stephanie I live in central IL and I too have seen violets in bloom this fall.I also have a wren still nesting in my garage.I've seen a few other Spring time things this fall,seem's nature get's more confused every year.Enjoy cleaning your land,I enjoy just about anthing ,even work if its outside.Good-bye.

-- WillaGoodall (, November 11, 2001.

I haven't noticed any violets blooming, but saw a dandelion last week, and my forsythia has a few flowers here in upstate NY!

-- bluetick (, November 11, 2001.

Hi Stephanie - yes they will bloom as long as they can - they are a "short lived perennial". When I lived in Tulsa I was so impressed that along the McDonald's drive thrus they had planted pansies, big pretty colors - even thru ice storms those beauties will bloom, it is so great! We have had several hard freezes here zone 4b/5 so far and the pansies I moved into the unheated greenhouse (the plan "build for $100) are blooming better since I moved them - and my Johnny Jump Ups in the unprotected herb garden are growing and blooming in spite of thick frost all over them in the morning. They are edible, by flower and leaf - they look nice on a salad and we eat them (untreated, of course - I start them from seed). They are also marketing an even hardier variety of pansy (did you know that violets & pansies are essentially the same thing?) called Icicles, "guaranteed to bloom" in whatever - survive the winter here? They are expensive but the same thing - just a little hardier. Well I talked your ear off didn't I! (even if you don't eat them, please say "hi" - I love violets) - Helen

-- Helen, in WI (, November 11, 2001.

Several plants re-bloom in the fall, especially if it has frosted hard then gotten warm again, as it has here this fall. We have forsthyia in full bloom, the pear trees have huge buds on them, as well as the violets blooming! Even the weigelia is blooming.

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (, November 12, 2001.

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