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I've just purchase a true 55mm 1:1 macro lens for my Minolta. I'm used to shooting my florals with a macro 70-210 ratio 1:4 macro. I'm interested in learning more about what all can be done with this new lens and would like reference materials giving examples of work done with such a lens. Any website featuring macro work would be much appreciated also. Thanks

-- Diana Miller-Pierce (, November 11, 2001


I have a couple on my web site, if you can get to it right now. It is under major reconstruction.

A few books on the subject: "Adventures in Closeup Photography" Lief Ericksenn and Els Sincebaugh ISBN 0-8174-3502-6 "The Secrets of Close-Up Photography" by Lou Jacobs, Jr. ISBN 0-89879-727-6 "The Complete Guide to Close-up & Macro Photography" Paul Harcourt Davies ISBN0-7153-0800-9

The books are listed from oldest to most recent. The Adventures book really is an Adventure book. The authors suggest that you go out and attempt to create your own vision of the subject matter they present in the book. There are 17 adventures ranging from your Television to a desert. The Secrets of Closeup isn't just about macro. It covers closeups of many varieties including portraits. The last book is laid out like a macro photo course taking you through all of the facets that go into making a marco photograph.

Hope these help. Let me know when you get some work on-line.


-- Tim Brown (, November 11, 2001.

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