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Does the Society or any of it's members have or know the location of drawings or plans of the Seaboard's original HQ and train station in Portsmouth, Va.? This is the unique curved front brick building that stands on the Portsmouth water front.

-- Dave George (, November 11, 2001



A list of drawings is currently being compiled, but is by no means complete as of yet. As time permits (i.e. holidays and personal vacation time), the society is reviewing the drawings, maps, etc. in the archives and updating the aforementioned list. The ulitmate goal is to transfer the drawings as well as other archival material such as the Atlantic Coast Line News magazines onto CDs for the purpose of making the information available to the membership. We are currently in the process of acquiring the necessary equipment to facilitate the transfer of information onto CDs. Please bear with us as we work toward that goal.


-- Buddy Hill (, November 16, 2001.


Is there an index to the Society's holdings?


-- Joe Bartolini (, November 15, 2001.

Dave, The society does not have copies of the referenced drawings in its archives.

-- Buddy Hill (, November 11, 2001.

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