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What is the best open water racer, Pienert Dolphin,Maas 24,or Alden Star Carbon? I currently row an Alden Ocean Shell in Long Island Sound in waves up to three feet or so and a Vespoli Matrix in flat water. I am interested in races like the Blackburn and the Isles of Shoals race.

-- WAYNE LYSOBEY (NEQUARTZ@AOL.COM), November 11, 2001


Wayne, The Isles of Shoals Race is an Alden event, and they will only permit ocean shell singles and doubles. They no longer allow Stars in the race. The Blackburn has several rowing classes, and you could seek to "win" the Blackburn in any one of them. If you visit their website you will see which boats dominate each class. The three you mention would fall into the s. s. "racing" category, and the order (in terms of speed potential) is about right. None of them however, hold the singles record for the course. That was set by Michael Dreher in a Durham Rec-Racer, in my opinion, a slower boat than either the Dolphin or Maas 24. The first three across the line are very good rowers in closely matched boats. The weather, tide, and navigation, are all very important factors in this race.

-- Ernie DeRushie (, December 03, 2001.

As a Maas dealer I admit to some prejudice, but I encourage you to go to the site and check the race results (and photos!). More than 90% of the open water racers in this region row Maas boats. There is an occasional Alden, and I have yet to see a Peinert. I've rowed Peinerts at Craftsbury, and I have a high regard for them.

-- Steve Wells (, January 12, 2002.

Wayne, I have basically the same question, or perhaps I should say 2 questions: 1. Which is faster, the Maas 24 or the Pienert Dolphin? 2. Which is faster, te Alden Star or the Maas Aero?

Dolphin vs. M-24; The standard ans. seems to be how well the M-24 does in west coast races. Is this because the M-24 is faster or because it is a west coast boat? Funny how the M-24 seems to be a lot faster then the Dolphin on the west coast then on the east coast, but the M-24 fans will always tell you how good a boat the Dolphin is. Maybe we should ask someone from Kansas or Oklahoma which is faster

-- Steve Goodman (, September 24, 2003.

Hey guys, with boats this close in size and general hull shape, the standard wisdon that it's the horses not the chariot that win the race certainly holds true. I am a Maas dealer in Oklahoma City and have raced in the region. Most of the races are flat water sprints of 1000 to 2000 meters. These boats are considered recreational or training boats here, although there are plenty of lakes with open water conditions. The Maas 24 seems to be the most competitive boat. I have also raced open water in SF Bay and WA and and feel that the Maas boats work very well in conditions found there.

I think what you should be concerned most with is developing your own sculling skills, physical conditioning, buying the most durable boat you can find (in my biased opinion this is a Maas), and getting as much water time as possible in all types of conditions.

Another measure of the relative value of the boats is their resale value. Do a little research on Row2K Classifieds and check out the ads. I think you will find that Maas boats hold their value better than any of the others.

-- Dave Lee (, September 28, 2003.

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