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Seven years ago I entered into a joint mortgage with my now ex partner. After living together for 12 months we separated. He has been paying the mortgage alone for the whole period and has gone into arrears on several occasions but alwyas managed to pay it back. I have now received a letter from Hammond Suddards Edge (at my previous address) threatening to start repossession proceedings if the arrears are not paid or arrangments made in 7 days. I have tried before to have my name removed from the mortgage without succes. I asked the Halifax if they would assist me in removing him from the property so that I could rent it out but was advised that as I did not pay the mortgage I had no rights.

My questions are:-

1) Should I tell them where I am now living? 2) Should I take over the mortgage myself? 3) Should I keep queit and hope that they don't find me? 4) Should I transfer my new mortgage over to my new partner? 5) If the property is repossessed will I be liable for the shortfall? 6) Should I wait and go to court?

Any advice would be gratefully recieved.

-- Nicki Wilson (, November 11, 2001

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