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-- Dr. Doolittle (super@sniffer.stopper), November 09, 2001


OMG that pisses me off!

-- (cin@cin.cin), November 09, 2001.

and what's worse is that you think it's funny

-- (cin@cin.cin), November 09, 2001.

I think you ASS-U-ME too much, cin.

I thought the photo LOOKED funny.

That doesn't mean I think it is funny that the poor dog got into this predicament. You are forgetting, I am a Veteranarian, not a sadist. So don't take your hostility out on me, thank you VERY much!

-- Dr. Doolittle (sheeesh@some.people!), November 09, 2001.


-- Dr. Doolittle (, November 09, 2001.

If you are really a veterinarian, I'd say that's pretty frightening. Let us know where you practice, won't you?

-- (cin@cin.cin), November 09, 2001.

It was a spoof, okay? I wouldn't have posted it if the dog was seriously hurt. Just thought it was kinda cute, maybe worth a chuckle, since the dog is okay. No reason to get bent out of shape, sheesh.

-- Dr. Doolittle (excuse me @ for. living), November 09, 2001.

Would you allow someone to pick your dog up that way? sicko

Some people should NOT have access to animals.

-- (cin@cin.cin), November 09, 2001.

"Some people should NOT have access to animals."

And some people should not over-react in such an ugly way.

How do you know this dog didn't just bite someone? A baby perhaps? That dog has plenty of loose skin. It's not in any pain.

-- (get@grip.cin), November 09, 2001.

Cin, the people handling the dog are veterinarians.

Here is the caption for the picture:

Thai veterinarians carry a stray dog with a plastic container stuck on her head in a northern suburb of Bangkok on November 7, 2001. The dog apparently had the container stuck on its head for days, wounding her neck and depriving her of food and water. The container was sucessfully removed and the dog released. REUTERS/Sukree Sukplang

Just guessing, but they might know more than you about how to handle animals.

-- (don't worry @ she's. fine), November 09, 2001.

You call me a "sicko" just for posting the picture?

Well, fuck you, ya bitch!

-- Dr. Doolittle (sheesh @ cin. is on the rag), November 09, 2001.

Anyone see "Stupid Pet tricks" on Letterman last night? There were two great dogs that did very funny tricks that I won't try to describe---a Border Collie and a Schnauzer(?).

-- (, November 09, 2001.

Ahem....The orignal decription of the pic clears up any wrong doing on anyone's part (including the dog).

No need to turn it into a pissing contest....we all came 'here' to get away from the bullshit..right?

-- (let bygones be @ by.gones), November 09, 2001.

dontworry, will you please post a link to that information, thank you

-- (cin@cin.cin), November 09, 2001.

p.s. yes if you think that photo is funny then I believe you are a sicko. You can try and rationalize all friggin day for all I care. I don't agree with your sick sense of "humor".

-- (cin@cin.cin), November 09, 2001.


-- (don't worry @ doggie. ok), November 09, 2001.

Just trust me on this one thing Cin... you need a LOT of drinks...

to kill the bug that you have up your ass!

-- Jack Nicholson (take@chill.pill), November 09, 2001.

"p.s. yes if you think that photo is funny then I believe you are a sicko."

That photo is 3rd on Yahoo's most popular list! Lots of people think it's funny. If you don't think it's funny then I believe you are totally over-reacting, and a bitch who probably needs to get laid.

-- Dr. Doolittle (lighten@up.bitch), November 09, 2001.

Don't Thai's also eat dogs?

-- who cares (what@you.think), November 09, 2001.

**That photo is 3rd on Yahoo's most popular list! Lots of people think it's funny** is also pretty popular. what's your point

-- superbitch (cin@cin.cin), November 09, 2001.

The original post was a joke about protecting pets from anthrax. Even a blind fool would realize it wasn't intended to be taken seriously.

The point is, if you think this makes me a sicko, I think that makes you a bitch with a "serious" problem (pun not intended).

When I saw it, I figured the dog got it's head stuck in there by itself. Why do you automatically assume that someone intentionally tried to harm that dog? Because you are a cynical bitch, that's why. I bet if it was a person you'd think it was funny.

-- Dr. Doolittle (lighten@up.bitch), November 09, 2001.

**Why do you automatically assume that someone intentionally tried to harm that dog?**

WELL because some people DO intentionally harm animals. Gee what sort of animal flesh are you eating tonight, hmm?

-- (cin@cin.cin), November 09, 2001.

DOG! Is that you? ;)

-- Pammy (looks@like.a female to me, though), November 09, 2001.

Well, the truth comes out! That is a big battle to fight. Surely you do not intend to take on the majority of the world population one person at a time? No wonder you are frustrated. If you feel so strongly, you need to get involved in a much larger effort so that you can actually accomplish something.

-- Dr. Doolittle (just@funny.picture), November 09, 2001.

Hey Cin, is this one cruel or funny?

-- (, November 09, 2001.

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