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Help!! City of Opelika., AL has acquired X274. They want to restore, including repainting. Can anyone supply lettering diagrams and paint manufacturers color numbers so that they can do this right? Also- Is X274 a transfer cab? Thanks.

-- David Harris (, November 08, 2001


Southern X274 should be a yellow belly, bay window caboose. Further information on painting and lettering is on its way to you in an email.

-- Chris Williams (, November 09, 2001.

Hello, I believe you mean X427 instead of X274. There was no bay-window numbered X274. See attachment from Diesel Era Magazine, Volume 4, Number 3.

This caboose had been in Norris Yard in Birmingham for a few years before being sent to Opelika. I have pictures of it now in Opelika and it is definitely X427. It is not a yellow-belly or local caboose. It was a road caboose built by Gantt Mfg. in 1969. The Norfolk Southern Paint Shop at DeButts Yard in Chattanooga, TN should be able to help you with stencils and painting information. Email if you need more information.

Jeremy Cole

-- Jeremy Cole (, February 21, 2002.

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