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After three litters with no problems, we delayed breeding our doe back. Now she's infertile, due I guess, to internal fat. If we put her on a diet will that help. (she doesn't look fat) Will she have a better chance of conceiving in the spring? Is there any hope at all? Thanks for any advice.

-- glynnis in KY (gabbycab@msn.com), November 08, 2001


How do you know for sure that the doe is infertile? If she's had three litters you know things were working fine at one time. If she doesn't look too fat and isn't overeating I dont think that is the problem. Could it be that the breeding simply didn't "take?" Try putting her and the buck together and then doing it again in about six hours. That way you can make sure she was breed well. If in 30 days you still don't have any kittens it may be that she is just naturally infertile now. But I'd even try to breed her again and do the six hours thing again before I gave up on her.

Also, it could have been that the buck was too hot and the problem could have been him. Try to have them breed when they are about as stress free as possible. Not when it's too hot and not when it's too cold. Not after they've been out running around alone...that kind of thing. good luck!

-- Suzy in Bama (slgt@yahoo.com), November 08, 2001.

I raise rabbits, have from between 45 and 75 on any given day. -put the doe in the bucks cage. -look at the female 'parts' rabbits do have a season, the 'parts' should be a deep pink to red- not white. white indicates not in season. -overweight does will show it on the outside. Dont even be concerned about internal fat. Does naturally have a roll of fat under their chin which is a dewlap- it does not represent obesity. -is the rabbit old- like beyond 4 or 5 years old? that may be a reason (although we have had 5 year olds kindle just fine). -try a different buck if need be. We have had much more of a problem with overweight bucks not wanting to do the deed than with does. -could the rabbity already be pregnant? Does will show no interest if already pregnant (usually).

-- Kevin in NC (Vantravlrs@aol.com), November 08, 2001.

many does do not cycle properly in the fall and winter. We use artificial lighting, lengthening the day to 14 to 15 hours. Our does breed all winter long, with no problems.

-- Deidre Edder (edderland@yahoo.com), April 14, 2002.

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