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I have 4 prints of Don Davey they were sitting on an office wall for about 20 - 25 years they are all of New Orleans and have stamped on then 1967 Don Davey New Orleans, they are a gren / black print in excellent condition can any one assist me with these ?



-- michael (, November 08, 2001


Hi there,,well,wish i could help,,,I have a set of 4 Don Davey originals. They were bought in San Fransisco in 1978 ,i was told they were a little pricy back then,,if you talk to anyone who knows anything,,,please send them my way,,,thanks

-- Dave Taylor (, April 03, 2002.

Don Davey is a local New Orleans artist-his prints currently sell for $10.00. They are only worth real money if they are signed and numbered, with means they are limited edition. You can find the current secondary market price of limited edition pieces at: If you do a yahoo search of Dan Davey, you can find galleries that carry his pieces in New Orleans. Hope this helps.

-- Erica (, May 14, 2002.

I just purchased (at a second-hand shop) two Don Davey prints, signed and dated (1977) of black and white (either graphite or unnumbered lithos of drawings) of San Francisco scenes. He also did drawings of New Orleans and the Monterey, CA peninsula. He began his career at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. His illustrations have been in McCalls, Sat. Evening Post and Fortune. He served on the faculty of the Academy of Art in San Francisco and helped form the Society of Illustrators which he served as president. He has a painting in the permanent collection of the U.S. Air Force. The popularity of his work is best acknowledged by the public's acquisition of well over one million lithographs by collectors both here and abroad. Barbara

-- Barbara Fitzgerald (, December 16, 2002.

I have Don Davey ORIGINAL scetches of Carmel Beach and Golden Gate Bridge as well as many prints.

-- cindy beam (, April 12, 2003.

I purchased a year ago two prints [i believe to be in pencil] from a woman that bought them on a visit to New Orleans....she paid 40 dollars each for them....i got them for a steal..... these are in excellent contion still wrapped in plastic which has faded yellow...i recently had them framed....they look great. I'm interested in what the price of these pieces would be is dated and signed in 1976, and the other in 1980. Please give me some feedback on this if you know how valuable they may be. I'M ALSO INTERESTED IN PURCHASING ONLY ORIGINALS IF ANYONE WANTS TO SELL.

-- felipa garcia (, June 01, 2003.

Approximately 20 years ago we received a signed, coprighted Don Davey pencil sketch of Pirates Alley, New Orleans, dated 1976. A thumbnail biog at the back of the pic refers prospective buyers to Colony Publishing Inc., 1605-A Del Monte Blvd., Seaside, California, 93955.Of course that address may now be obsolete but it may provide a clue to be followed up. KRW

-- k.r. white (, July 13, 2003.

Further to questions: Approximately 20 years ago we received a signed, coprighted Don Davey pencil sketch of Pirates Alley, New Orleans, dated 1976. A thumbnail biog at the back of the pic refers prospective buyers to Colony Publishing Inc., 1605-A Del Monte Blvd., Seaside, California, 93955.Of course that address may now be obsolete but it may provide a clue to be followed up. KRW

-- kmcwhite (, July 13, 2003.

I have a set of 4 Don Davey prints in frames. I got them from an estate sale. Not sure if they are worth anything. How can I tell if they are copies or the real thing?

-- Jane R. (, September 03, 2003.

I have two Don Davy Prints dated 1977 one is Fishermans Wharf in San Franciso and the other is Hyde Street Trolly Car San Francisco I Would like to Sell Them No Reasonable offer will be refused

-- Felisa M. (, October 07, 2003.

I also have a signed Dan Davey of Royal Street New Orleans. Interested in selling. Will give a great price!!!!!!!!

-- Frances Knight (, January 02, 2004.

I have two color prints signed by Davey from 1968. One is a cable car with Fisherman's Warf in the rear of the scenery and the other is of the Golden Gate Bridge, anyone have an idea?

-- M. G. (, February 29, 2004.

I have the original graphic picture called Golden Gate Bridge-San Francisco by Don Davey from 1977. We would be interasted in the selling the picture for a prise.

-- Frano (, March 28, 2004.

I have a framed set of 4 Don Davey prints all in color. They are the Landmarks of San Francisco. 1. The Golden Gate Bridge 2. Chinatown 3. Fisherman's Wharf 4. Cable Car Does anyone know the value of these?

-- Sandy (, April 02, 2004.

I have a signed lithograph or orginal print "Bourbon Streen New Orleans" which came from an art gallery in New Orleans in 1981. It's dated 1980 and signed with copyright mark. It looks original but I've heard lithographs can look like pencil drawings. Does anyone know the value? I've seen posters sold of the same print.

-- (, April 20, 2004.

Here's his web site: 20artist&sub=don%20davey

-- Diane Malone (, April 21, 2004.

I recently purchased a signed pencil drawing by Don Davey dated 1976 but it is not numbered is this worth anything? Also I stumbled on this chat were does it originate from? Is it a art question place? If so where can I join? Thanks anne

-- Anne T (, May 03, 2004.

actually,iam trying to find some more prints, don davey made of new orleans.(circa 80).the one i bought were from street shops around $8 10 dollars iknow they are replicas but they look good i have only 2 in frames and they look good i would be interested in buying some authentics also...

-- john ortega (, July 18, 2004.

I came here searching for info on Davey prints because we are an ebay seller's assistant ane we are about to list 4 of his signed prints. We haven't been able to turn up much info on them, so if anyone has anything to add, take a look at the photos via our website www.e- and follow the link to our auctions then email me. Naturally, feel free to bid, also, but this wasn't meant to solicit bids.


-- Gerry Geddings (, July 21, 2004.

I have 2 drawings by Don Davey. Both dated 1977. One is of Golden Gate Bridge and another of California Street, San Francisco. Both are 4"by 6" and framed. They are both signed. I think they are originals. Does anybody knowes how much is worth? Thanks, Eugenia.

-- eugenia (, August 20, 2004.

Don Davey prints go for approximately $10 to $25 depending on theme. originals are rare and hard to locate....his preffered method was charcoal...quite a few of his originals ended up damaged or partially byers checking with an erraser weather they were originals or lithographs! In any case....the guy draws like a if anyone has ORIGINALS (but don't use an eraser to check!) - drop me an email - I am collecting and ready to pay a fair price! Thnks Sam

-- sam (, August 28, 2004.

I recently found a Don Davy original in un-opened plastic from 1976 in a San Francisco setting.It is beautiful.

-- Ana Marie (, October 20, 2004.

I met Don over the phone in which we had lengthy phone conversations about computers. Afterwards much to my surprise he sent me a rather large print of the latin quarter down in New Orleans. Later I drove down to see him, and had him sign the print. He was very hospitible, and we visited for a couple of hours in his home. He showed me his studio, and some of the preliminary sketchs he was working on. he advised me if I ever had a chance to read the "Art Spirit". Nice, personble talented guy who never let on about his emense popularity. I feel fortunate to not only have a signed print, but a chance to also get a little aquainted with the artist.

-- george colacicco (, December 30, 2004.

l have no clue l have two also that he did in 1968 and printed by him also , if you fine out any infromation can you please let me know . This all about Old New Orleans LA < and l know it is worth something, Its 36 years old in frames and in a-1 contions Can you help me please Thank You Miss Ella Hodgdon Turner Maine ,

-- Ella Hodgdon (, January 05, 2005.

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