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Has anyone had experience ordering from the Double R Supply Company? I am thinking of ordering a miniincubator for my kids. For that matter--do those work?

-- Ann Markson (, November 07, 2001


Are you talking about the small globe type incubators? Do you think you might want to incubate more eggs in the future? If so, I'd spend the extra money and get one of the square styrofoam ones. You can get them with a picture window if you'd like them to be able to see more of the hatch. And with or without the turner and fan. They work fairly well and many people use them with good success for hatching out different types of eggs. That way if you decide to hatch more than just a few eggs you have a machine that can handle it. Just a thought.

-- Trisha-MN (, November 07, 2001.

Ann: Here is a place that you can get -incubators of all sizes. Cutler's Supply Inc Warren.....

-- Warren (, November 07, 2001.

I bought one of those mini globe shaped incubators but we haven't tried it yet. I would also be interested in anyones experience with it.

-- Jane (, November 08, 2001.

I've ordered chicks from Double R and they were very easy to work with. Called in my order, shipped as expected, all chicks arrived alive.

I used to have one of those mini globe incubators - in my opinion they are useless. I didn't have any luck and the temps were way off. I'd spend the extra money and get a better one you can always resell it on eggbay if you won't need it again.

-- Anita in NC (, November 08, 2001.

Thanks for the input. Keep it coming if you have any advice--more the better for advice I always say.

I wanted to give my kids a little something of their very own to experiment with and that price (14.99) was what I could afford. I wonder what the next best alternative would be?

-- Ann Markson (, November 08, 2001.

If you can find an accurate thermometer, could you make an incubator? My incubator is one of the square styrofoam ones that cost $30, but all you need is a draft-free place that you can hold at @ 102 degrees. A light bulb may be able to supply the heat, but you would need a GOOD thermometer, probably available from a feed store. I haven't actually done this, it just seems reasonable. You would have the keep the house temperature pretty steady, though. The amount of heat to keep the eggs at 102 when the house is at 65 is different from when the house is 75. Also, I HAVE started eggs mid-winter, and those chicks sure do smell when they are kept inside!

-- terri (, November 08, 2001.

If you want to experiment before investing, here's an incubator/brooder that is inexpensive to make that several folks I know have used:

Click Here

-- ~Rogo (, November 08, 2001.

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