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Hello again, everyone.

I wanted to write with a few questions regarding my cameras. Though I have been busy lately using my modern cameras extensively, I would like to experiment again with Kodak Six 20 and Brownie Hawkeye 620. Has anyone modified - adapted - or even figured out a temporary way to mount one of these cameras to a standard tripod? By standard I am more or less referring to a stndard, flat mount on my tripod head. Second, I have a few rolls of slide film which are expiring this month. Though I don't use slide film very regular, even with my 35 mm cameras, I am wondering if anyone has tried any in their old Kodaks. My film is that very slow Fuji Velvia - (ISO 50). Has anyone ever tried this? Though I am not exactly sure of the aperatures of these two cameras, I plan to perhaps meter the landscapes I plan to shoot with my Yashica Mat, and time a shutter opening on "bulb." The Yashica of course will be loaded with the same film. Any ideas/insight would be appreciated.

Thank you,



-- Ned Fenimore (nedfh@home.com), November 07, 2001


Hi, Ned! I'll be happy to help you here - I had a machinist buddy of mine construct a disk of aluminum plate and make a threaded hole in the center for a tripod bushing. I was thus able to place my Brownie Hawkeye on the flat surface and secure it with strong rubber bands. As for slide film in an old Kodak, I ran a roll of Ektachrome (100 asa, I think) thru my Brownie Six-20 Model D and they were beautiful! Of course, I did it on a sunny day and had good looking people as my subjects, which didn't hurt a bit. You will have to buy special frames for the slides, however, as the 6x9 size is uncommon for modern slides.

I think it's great that you're experimenting, Ned! Good luck and have fun! Yore ol' pal,

-- Pete Lutz (mariner8378@hotmail.com), November 08, 2001.

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