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After 16 months of being harassed by DLA (on behalf of Abbey), with the final straw coming after they telephoned my employer trying to "track me down", I wrote to Abbey to complain about DLA's underhand tactics. After fully explaining everything I was complaining about, Abbey have told me that they will deal with me from now on. Has anyone had any dealings direct with the lender? Abbey have sent copies of 2 valuations previously witheld by DLA and it has become clear that the property was sold for 8000 less than the valuations. I had not lived at the property for 2 years so cant comment on what sort of state it was in but is 8000 less an acceptable amount to accept or would you say that the property was undersold? I still have not been allowed to see a copy of the MIG which was mis-sold to me and the only response I get is that this is to cover the lenders (which I now know to be true).

Does anyone have any ideas of what my next steps should be?

-- Jo Berry (, November 07, 2001


Yes, Jo, I am dealing directly with Abbey. Would you mind exchanging notes with me as to which department (and indeed which particular person or persons) at Abbey you are dealing with? Thanks.

-- E Scott (, November 10, 2001.

Jo, thanks for your private post.

Collating this information with what others have told me, it seems that the same few names do crop up. I'll pass on the information to Lee.

-- E Scott (, November 21, 2001.

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