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Would like to find out more on how to improve my strength in relation to rowing and the major muscle groups used.


-- Christina Robinson (, November 07, 2001

Answers helpfull site. Hi, I am a strength trainer working with a rower who has hurt his back and needs to stay in shape or possibly improve so he can make trials in seven weeks. I am focussing on shoulders and core strength as these apear to be under developed. Using high intensity training so as to tax the energy systems and combining on different days pure strength 3 to 5 reps x 5 sets and high volume indurance 3 sets pf 30 to 35 reps progressing to possibly 2 x 50 reps. He is unable to squat or leg press so lower body work is very tricky. we are maintaining a moderate high volume areobic training on a stationary bike but I feel the benifits to be just a little better then nothing at all. For specific exercises, I make them very varied. I have been combining dumb bell rows 5 left arm, 5 right arm, 10 pushups, then straight back to the db rows for 5 sets without recovery. this is very intense. There are nine different shoulder exercises with dumbells alone. Core work is so numerous I not even going to start. hope this is helpfull

-- edward alder ( australia ) (, December 07, 2002.

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