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has anyone else benn ripped off by this bunch of w@*nkers ! I have in desperation I contacted them following an article in the sunday times - there spiel is that you pay 250 to them upfront, 250 after a month and 250 after they have successfully resolved your problem with an alleged shortfall......after I paid them the first 2 instalments....hey presto...they never respond to any calls/faxes/letters....leaving me high and dry no further forward with my problem but 500 out of pocket...can I sue/smalls claims to get my money back?

-- rathernotsay (, November 07, 2001


Welcome to the club of disgruntled repossessees [allegedly] taken to the cleaners by Peter Walker. Pity you didn't read a bit further down, there are plenty of posts about his failure to deliver via his new incarnation of Concept Management. The last venture was Union Finance, Cumberland Ave Southend - same [alleged] scam. You could try to sue, but he will just disappear and then resurface when the dust settles. you won't get a penny back, I tried. If you have anything in writing from him promising certain results, you are lucky and would get a judgement in your favour. You still won't get a penny however, as I understand he has no assets in his name upon which a court can distrain. He usually works by verbal agreements and is very convincing, but can give you nothing this site doesn't already provide in great detail. [Allegedly.] Sorry!

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and the HRP site is NOT responsible for any comments made by me regarding PW.

-- Too scared to say (, November 07, 2001.

Union Finance.Now that rings a bell.I went down there twice in southend.I couldn't believe they were allowed to trade so long.Hence on the second visit i came under their spell.Well i was living in a 1 bedroom flat with my wife and a 3 year old child with negative equity of 20,000 and had too get out.I know he may have been a con- man but without him i wouldn't have had the guts to hand back the keys.As it is now i have settled with the building society (7125) and live in a 3 bed house and the high street bank is fully aware at what i did but still gave me a good've started to live my life again but regret the grey hairs.

-- robert jones (, March 26, 2002.

Peter Walker gave me the confidence to hand back the keys to a leasehold property where the managing agents were taking me for excessive maintenance fees and being supported by the building soc (then N&P). Although sometimes I had minor doubts, I have to say that Peter did the job in the end - I have just had a copy letter from Eversheds stating that in consideration of the 1500 I paid them, that I now have no liability to AN or any of it's associate companies. They will also (on PW's insistance) contact the credit agencies to put the record straight that I've paid in full and final. Thanks to Peter Walker - (I I still think that's a false moustache!)

-- M Scott (, May 15, 2002.

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