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HI: I have a Minolta xtsi and a Minolta 3500xi flash with remote (off-camera) capabilities. The flash works fine on the camera but I can't get it to work off-camera. I can set the flash to "Wireless" mode but still no flash. The flash instructions say refer to the camera manual for additional info. The camera manual has no reference to off-camera flash. There is a "WL" function button on the camera which is not explained in the manual. I set the toggle to on but still no flash. Anybody know how to jump start this thing?

thanks Doug

-- Doug Bare (bares@home.com), November 06, 2001


I have an HTsi and the manual says that you have to switch the camera to wireless mode while the flash is on the camera. Good luck Jim

-- jim (jim@great-incentves.com), January 01, 2002.

Um this may not be a answer but I just bought a Xtsi and I dont have a manual with mine. The place where I bought it said that its online. I can't find how to get it to work. Does anyone have the manual and can send it to me? Thanks.

-- Erin F (Princesse413@hotmail.com), June 08, 2002.

I also have an XTsi. My book, however, does have instructions for off camera flash, which begins on page 68. Perhaps you have a different version of the booklet. Anyhow, here is what it says.

1. Attach the accessory flash to the camera, then turn the camera and the flash on.

2. Turn the function dial to WL.

3. Press the function button and turn the control dial until WL and On appear in the camera's data panel.

4. Detach the accessory flash, then press the camera's flash mode button to raise the built-in flash.

It also says to press the flash-mode button when taking the picture to use ratio flash.

I hope this helps.

-- Curtis Harris (charrisimaging@aol.com), August 02, 2002.

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