dilute T-max Developer?

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My favorite combination is Ilford HP-5 developed in D76 diluted 1:3 parts water. I had a new bottle of T-max developer given to me and I'm wondering if anyone has tried diluting it 1:3. Harv.

-- Harv Jenkins (hjenkins@prcn.org), November 06, 2001


If you go to www.digitaltruth.com and go to the massive development chart, you will find that the dilutions are 1:4 with appropriate starting times. Good site to bookmark...

-- Scott Walton (scotlynn@shore.net), November 07, 2001.

The standard dilution of T-max is 1+4. Quardruple that dilution is 1+19 (since D-76 1+3 is also quardruple dilution). With most developers the development time varies approximately with the square root of the dilution, so try doubling the times for 1+4 as a starting point.

-- Tim Brown (brownt@flash.net), November 07, 2001.

T-Max dev is normally diluted 1:4. I've used it a few times at 1:9 with HP5 (years ago) and it was overall a little better than the standard 1:4; it'd probably work ok out to 1:15 or so. Try doubling the standard 1:4 development time as a starting point.

T-Max dev tends to give negs with chunkier grain and less acutance than D-76/ID-11 1:1 to 1:3; personally I wouldn't fool with it again, but free is free and it'd probably be worth a test roll.

-- John Hicks (jbh@magicnet.net), November 07, 2001.

Thanks for your replies folks - I was totally in the dark as even the photo supply store's tech sheet didn't have that sort of info. Scott - great website you put me onto - it's already bookmarked! Harv

-- Harv Jenkins (hjenkins@prcn.org), November 07, 2001.

Yes, on a good day I know how to spell quadruple!

-- Tim Brown (brownt@flash.net), November 08, 2001.

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