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What are some of your best perrenial plants for the flower garden? I like things that really spread out.

I love tiger lilies, iris's ( I have about 6 different colors), daffodils, columbine (my absolute favorite flower) I just got this summer a miniature holly-hock which is really nice too.

Mistakes were planting mint and lemon balm which takes over!!!

-- Melissa (, November 06, 2001


In my old garden I had lemon mint (stop the groaning--yes it does spread but hear me out)It came out first when the perennials hadn't started so the garden never had that early spring dead look. I used it from spring to summer in my iced tea (saved alot on lemons!).

When it came time to plant or keep it from spreading--I pulled it out and shared with friends (with the warning though).

I LOVE Zinnias and Coreopsis planted together. The C holds up the delicate Z.

Black eyed susans, purple coneflower, etc all around a big budleia (butterfly bush).

Wish I could find the huge Lavender again (forgot, if I ever knew the name).

Can't wait to see what comes out next.

Of course Im dreaming of our next garden because we haven't built our house yet but it's fun to dream. Maybe next summer!

-- Ann Markson (, November 06, 2001.

Hi Anne, I like the coneflower a lot and the coreopsis. Zinnia's for me are an annual, they never seed themselves, wish they would. I like the lemon balm,(just wish it would stay put!!!) love the smell of it and pennyroyal. The pennyroyal has crept into the yard and every time Cale mows you can rally smell it for hours. It is certainly one of the most fragrant plants I grow. I love roses too!

-- Melissa (, November 06, 2001.

i like coneflowers, canterbury belles,lavender oh yes the fragrance,and californian poppys lots of seed to collect for next years sowing

-- peter bailiff (peter.bailiff@ntworld .com), August 29, 2002.

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