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Thanks to someone on this forum for mentioning the meteorite shower coming on November 18th. We have invited several couples to meet us at 4 AM in the "back 40" way out in the country where we will not have any distraction from the city lights. We will be setting up lawn chairs, blankets for the ground, and will haul out a BBQ grill for warming up breakfast tacos I will make the night before. Everyone is bringing something, coffee, sweet rolls, orange juice etc for a breakfast after the "show" ends at 6 AM. It should be a fun event! Thought I would pass our plans along as an idea for others to have a good excuse to get with their neighbors and enjoy an event that won't happen again in our lifetime. The little ones should really enjoy it too! C

-- Carole (, November 06, 2001


We're going to do something similar, but will be staying on our front deck since it's the second morning of gun deer season here in Wisconsin. Hopefully we'll have our bucks hanging by Sunday morning, but don't want to mess up the hunt for those going out. It's supposed to be a spectacular meteor shower. We're hoping for clear skies that morning. I wonder what some of those hunters who may not know about the meteor shower will be thinking when they're sitting there waiting for the big buck to come by and they see these things in the sky?

-- Rose Marie Wild (, November 06, 2001.

Thanks go to Dave (something@somewhere). And thanks sooo much for the heads up on the aurora borealis!!! I've been wanting to see that for a looong time! Will you keep us up to date on the coming meteorite shower? My husband and I have been enjoying the sites you recommended, too. Being weather junkies, we get a kick out of the space weather site! Thanks for passing all that great info on to us!

Carole, sounds like a blast! I wanna come...

-- Bren (, November 06, 2001.

Great idea, Carole . . . I plan on being out in the boonies, doing some deer hunting that weekend. Since waking up early is already in the cards, might as well wake up a little earlier, grab some coffee, and hope like heck it doesn't rain or cloud up that night.

-- j.r. guerra (, November 06, 2001.

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