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Does anyone know if procom's software works on 311/411 elevonic's, if so plz reply to post. I tried to E-mail but the account is down, in another post he recomened this app. To get around the service tool with this emulatior. Or if anybody found another peace of software to do it that would be great. I even called unitec to try to order software, a limited type of tool or a laptop. I heard once they were coming out with something. Came up blank there to, so I guess they want us to find a way around them.

Thanks, SLAPPY New York

-- joe hack (, November 05, 2001


The Otis Service Tool uses a proprietary communication protocol. Yes, its 'just' RS422, but there is an active message handshake that operates continuously so that the car controller can sense when the Service Tool is connected.

A simple terminal emulator program on your PC will not work.

-- Don Vollrath (, November 07, 2001.

Procom Plus

Try going to and downloading Telix for Windows.Its a better program and is much more stable.Procom has always been full of problems and hard to use.

-- Peter F. Baldwin (, September 30, 2002.


-- dheer (, October 18, 2004.

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