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I am a junior in HS and am looking for my future prospects for a career in music. Im looking for colleges that might have good music programs, especially piano, in the Southwest. I've heard that New Mexico State has pretty good one. Any suggestions?

-- Alan C (, November 05, 2001


Are you looking only at public schools? The University of Southern California has a renowned music department.

If you're looking at liberal arts colleges, Pomona has a good music department.

-- Matthew Lesser (, November 15, 2001.

Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, also the University of North Texas in Denton,Texas. Can't say about UNT, but SMU has a respected piano pedagogy program.

-- SWB (, January 21, 2002.

Arizona State University has one of the world's best music programs.

-- Mike (, August 02, 2002.

UNT is also good. Consider Rice and the University of Houston. (Nancy Weems at UH has a VERY strong studio.)

I'm also a graduate of LSU. Not quite southwest, but their piano faculty is FANTASTIC.

-- Jason (, August 02, 2002.

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