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I have 12 Cornish Rocks and 5 Blue Silkies that are now 2 weeks old. They all started out a simular size but now the Cornish Rocks are 3 to 4 times the size of the Silkies. Is it still okay to keep them all together? I'm a little nervous that the Silkies will get stepped on or squished but they all seem to be doing okay so far. However, next week they should all be going outside in their pen with a heat lamp for extra heat so they may have to snuggle up more at night to keep warm. Also, if I separate them I don't really have another pen and don't know how easy it would be to intergrate them again once the Silkies are bigger. What do you think? Am I just worrying too much?

-- anita in NC (, November 05, 2001


I would separate them. Why risk it. It is a very strong possibility that the Cornish will crush, step on or injure the smaller birds. I know this from experience (and they weren't even bantams).

-- Trisha-MN (, November 05, 2001.

Anita, definately keep them all together. Chickens the same age raised in the same yard, house, whatever get along much better than those you try to "mix in" later. They will establish a "pecking order". Trust me, I know from experience. We have three yards, two houses and four different kinds of birds. When you decide you want more next year (and you will), remember this. Just my "2 cents" :-)

-- Cheri Asprion (, November 05, 2001.

They should be okay. They certainly do establish a pecking order and the little ones learn real quick to stay by themselves and leave the big ones to themselves -- that is IF they establish that order. In most instances, they all get along very well once they know who the "boss" chicken is. I agree that chickens do much better when raised together. Intergration is by far easier. If they have been fine to this point, I would not worry. They will have more room in thier pen and won't need to snuggle so much as long as you keep the heat lamp on. They can get right under it if need be.

I just noticed that they are only 2 weeks old. Why are you putting them out so soon? Usually you don't want to put them out until at least 4 weeks old, especially when it is so cold. I see you are in NC (I'm in Virginia) been cool and some nights down right cold! The temperature for the chicks at 2 weeks old should not be much less than 70 degrees (even at night). My chicks are 4 weeks old and I am waiting until next week to put them out and then plan to use a heat lamp for the following week in the evenings if it gets real cold. They are just babies and can get pnemonia real fast especially if they catch a draft. Also, you don't want to just dump them out there. You need to get them use to the outdoors gradually. I take mine outside for a couple of hours everyday starting at 4 weeks in a protected area in the sun. I have a small area outside along a corner of our house that I made a mini pen with sticks and chicken wire. We call it the "playground". We take them out to play a little everyday. By time they go to the "big house" they are accustomed to what the "outside" is including grass, air, breezes, etc. Makes for a better transition and they are happier. Yeah, I know they are only birds...but they still are just babies and you wouldn't just dump a newborn under a light in a shed. They need time to adjust before the become "birds".

-- Karen (, November 05, 2001.

As long as they all have enough room, there should be no problem. Chances are, they've already established a pecking order and so will stay out of each other's way!

-- Marcia (, November 05, 2001.

Anita, I agree with the other Karen, the chicks are awful young to put out in a pen. They can't be feathered out much and they can not regulate their body temperatures until they are feathered out.

-- Karen in Kansas (, November 06, 2001.

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