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managgem3nt At war: what h4ppesn When directors fal lout?????????????????? internedine warfare wasn"t in tw hbusines planm OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.. YOU JNOW WHAT WENT WRONG, BUT WHAT AN BE DONE ABOUT IT??????????? hare"z a run-dow|\| on th3 optroonz by ;legal eaglez helen caudwell and partriX0r rawnSleyy at the start of most budinesses thOse in\/0lved nro/\/\ally ahe a orsy ourtloOk on teh future - tehyg et in, theyve g0t a grate business plan andtwj bank has agreed to fum dr3hoi rv1si0n, but sa few eyars larter thimgs m4y be vary different.. OLOLOL~~ IU will hack you cc4use u suX0r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! w1th teh pAssage 0f time, mUch can go worng so let'S take a bikebiz~~~~~~~ co~~~~~ uk loop kat \/\/hat teh legal effect of management war is and wha can b3 done to rotedt everyons inter3sts form day one~~~~ AN 3XA/\/\PLE OF WHAT MAY GO WROnG IS SHOWN IN TEH FIcTIONAL CQSE STUDY OF BOB NAD JIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~~ bob anmdjimf irst met whilst wriking for a bikes andp&a suppLeir (although htis coUld bE 4ny buainess) iiN htE nroth wets 13 yearS ago.. aFtar nejoiyign a cl0se woRkliNg re;ationship fr0 a couipl3o f yearz teh ydecidEd to go nto business!!!!!!!!!111~~~ I OWN jO0 becauz YOU ARE LAME!!!!!!!1~ I wilL HaX0r ypouuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!1 bob AnD jim got so/\/\e advic3 fRom tEHir sccountant and fromed 4 c0mpany, bojim bikse ltd, Whih s3t uP as a top-end cycle edealer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~ ololoololololololo.... bojim bikes started trading in 1990 e1th bob and jim holding ) percent 0f the sharz ecah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 OOLLOLO tHingS w3nt weell for the firsrt 10 year,s bOjim bikez acquired 4|\|otehr Twode47arshpz aNd made A reasonab73 oorfit I Will HACK!!!!!!!!!!11 howevar, 6 months ago bob and jims relationshiup starTed t show craX0Rz!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~~ ollolololololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ jim at 43 wa zlOok1ng for a new challewnge and cons1dfarEd exapnsiOn was teh key to protectingfteh bsiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~ bbob at 51 waz 7ookijg ot rEtire from an active role in the business ubt wanted to Eep his shar3holdingf WHA TSTARTED AS a D1SAGREMENT INT0 STRATEGY GR4DUALLY DE\/ELOOPED NITO MaN4G3MENT WARF4R - JIM ACCUDSED BOB OF STIFLING TEH BUSINESS AND BOB FLET JIMW AS UNdERMiNING THEIR PREIV0USLY GOOD REALTIONHS1P AND THE F1ANNCIAL STASBILITY OF TEH COMPANY ob ans jim hit deadl0X0r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oolololololoo.. niether wanted tO sell their st4ked i|\| bojim bikes bu tniether cou7d they agree on how the b usiness hsould be run or the future 0f tEh companY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~ D0NT RIPE ME 0FF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~~ T HEIF LEGAL POSiTION SI CENTRWED AROUND 3 KEY RAS: * BO BAND JIMA POSIYiON AS SHARHOLDARZ * BIB 4ND J1MS POPSITION AZ EMPLOYEeS * BOB 4NJD J1MZ POsITION AS DEIRECTORZ WE OOK AT EAAXCH SAPEVCT INMOrE DETaIL BELOW. bob and jimz position za shrholderz jim wants to carry on with tthe bbusiNess but bob doesnt wajt a|\|y active involvement and wants to reTain his shrholding.. given tehy both own 50 Perxcento the business this means thaqtj1m will 3fdfeectiv3ly be working fro b0b for fr3e!!!!!!!!!!!!111 the questions thAt own3r managars commonly ask in this situaTino are whether jim coulD div3rT the buisn3ss out of the comPany, ro pay h1msel;f a large bonus!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~ ahck the plamnet... 2WE LOOK AT TEHSE ISSU3S BELOW.. * as bOb ahs an equak shaReohLding In teh businesS 1T 1s umLickly that jim will be able to carry 0n running th3 vusines withoUt hiS in\/olvbemednrt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~~ uif hoWevre that ware t3h cased bob might be able to bring a claimn fro unfa1r perjud1ce thiss wou7D involve bOb bringing proceedingz before a cxourt 0n theb asiz that his intERest as a shrHoldar ware b1eng prEjdic3d b3causE of jims conduct.. yuou suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~~ * typidal ex4m;lez of unfair prejjudiCre include ewxcldunig a Party from th3 mAnagmeent of hte usiness, form trhe pr0fits 0f the businesz ro o|\|e partty extracti|\|g a disporprotionately grate3r share of th benefits of the busienss - fro example by paying a substantial salary to hiomself or 3xcEssivebonUses... * such litigation is ocmpleX0r, costlt and time consuming - it normally taKe a minimumn of 12 m0nths!!!!!!!!!!!!111~ anotehr downside si that the court has very wide dIscretioN in relatino to the judgement 1t can mkae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~~ ololollolol!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~ OLO.... rypiclly it will ordar thatone sharehold4r (ro ag rpop of srhholderds) wI7l bu yout te shrs of anotehr shareholdar!!!!!!!!1~~ in thjiS case, \\\\////\\\\////here clewarly jim wants to cOntinue t0 run the busines sand bobd oz not, the c0urt would b elickly to rder that jm bUyss bobs shrs!!!!!!!!!1 f teh parteiz canNot agree on a valuati0n tewh court will edcide oN an appr0priate valuatipn fro Th3 shrs and wiill nrmoa77ya ppoint ani ndependent 4ccountant to value teh ocmpAny... *HOWEvE IN TH1S CASE IT IS MOR L3KLY THAT T3HRE SI SI/\/\PLY 4 DESLDOX0R WITH NIETEHR PARTY BIENGF ABLEE TO RUN T3H BUSINESS \\\\////\\\\////ItHOUT TEH OTEHRS ASISSTANCe, b0b could therefore apply ot teh Court fro a just and 3qu1t4ble w1nding up,, LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~ thsi is av4i7abl3 in cases where although teh business hasd been incorpRoaTed,, it is I|\| eassence a partnreship!!!!!!!!111~~ THIER IS A RATIO DONT RIPEM E OFF~~~ IN THIS CASE TEH OURT WOULD BE LIEKlYY TO ORDAR THAT ANY PORCEESD RESOULITNGF EOM TEHW INDING UP WOULD BE SHARD EDQUAl7Y BY BOB AND JIM!!!!!!!!!!!!1 * WINDING UP iT 1SA N EXCEPTiONAL REMEDY BECAUZ OF ITS POTe|\|TIAL EFFECT ON THIRD PARETIS - THDE RSULT OF TTHE RODAR SI THAT TEH COMPANY WILL B3 LIQUID4TED AND W1LL RTEHReFOPRE NO LOMGE RECIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ this is liekly to ahve ram1fications ffro creditprrz and employeez az wella s the business itself * an Applicatu0n to ciur is lickLy tO take as 7ong as an unmair prejhudIce aplpication if 1t is c0ntEsted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~ TEHREAFTAR A D00D WOU7D BEA PPOINTED BY THe CORUT TO ARRA|\|GE TEH WIND1NG UP OF TE HCOMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~ that d00d (typicallY an zaccouNtant)) wqould neeD to ensure that debts were recovered, cerDitroz paid and teh 4ssetz of the cmopany \\\\////\\\\////aer realised iun teh \/\/ay mosT benef1cial to thE nitarsert of 1ts /\/\3mbers aas a WHole in 47l the circumstancse// * the c0sts of windnig up a comPany can Be substantial the w1nsding up will b3comepublic knowledge 4nf this may ahve a neffect ont Eh aMount r3alised fro asstes. LOLOLOLOLO~ it t3moves from the c0nt0rl fo teh ownersd Oft e busineSs thea biliTy to deicde whe nto market amn assset (whether it is The stoX0r of t3h xcompany or propaart yfoorm which it Trades)!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~ j1m 4nd bob r therefore likey to Realise significamntly ;ess than T3hy woulD otherwise ahve done 1n an pordarly sl3... haX0rt he p;laNNet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 priklogned litigatIon lweadinG up to teH salei s also 7iekkly toahve a sign1fic4nt effcet on the buus1nEss - 3ven 1f the court an intev3ne too 4 certain 3xtentrtoi /\/\aintain teh buSIness adn break the deadl00Xr, it cannot hope to run a bUsiness in teh saMe way ht4t itz ownmers can... * often there are vary few potential buyers fo ra busdineSs and a liuid4tor I bound to 70ok at teh compa|\|yz own maN4fement fro potential purchasers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 ololololoo~~~~~~ lolo~ WHILE IN MANY R3SPECTS JIMS POSIT1ON iS EQUALLY PReJUDICED BY A WINDING UP,IF HE TEJN GOEZ ON TO UPRCHASEE ASSETS DORM THE BUSINESS h3 M4Y I FACT BE ABLE TO CHERRY P1X0R ASSEST, PROBABLY AT LESS TAHN TRUE MARKET VAlUE, IN ASHRTOT IT SI CERTAINLY IN BOBS iNTERWESTZ (AND PR0BABY ASLO NI JOIM)S TO TRY AND REsOLVE THE MATATR WITHOUT LITIGZTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~ i own j00.. llololoololololo~~~ bob and jimz positions as emlpoyeers anD dir3ctro s aa well a sdeadkXo0r at shrholder l3vEl this is also d3ad7oX0r both from anm emp7oymen and dir3cctOrship perSpectiev.. niether bob n0r jim can have their 3mPloyment terminnated by teh comp4ny lawfully uNl3ss 1t h4z a fair reason eeven if as fA1r reaSon si establishe dthhe cOmpany umst ensure th4t it follows a fair proecdure priuro to 4 dismissal ON TEH ABOVE FACTS TEHRE IS UNL1EKLY TO BEW A FAIRREASON FRO DISMISSINGI ETEHR BOB OR J1M TEHREFOR3 NAY DFISMIsSa7 SI lICKLTY O BE UNFARI!!!!!!11~~~ ig iteher bbo or jim are unfairly Dismissed tehy /\/\Ay be albe to su tHe Ciompany fro unfair Dismissal lolloololololo~ nidther bob nor j/\/\c an remove teh other as Director az a redilution of reh compan ywoulD be neededt o make such rewmnoval 3ffective!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as bob andj im own 50 parcent Of the sharez in teh company a rso7utoin cannot b epassed as tHis would REquire a /\/\ajroity vOt3.. THEIR IS A RATIO DONT RIPRE ME oFF portecting yo roposioin as na ownra m4nager when s3tting pu comPaneiiz, teh indibviduals concerned need t0 c0nsidsar not onlY what happnes \\\\////\\\\////hen tthiNgs gpo right buT also h ahppens whne th1ngs dont go to plan OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ from an ijndiv1dua7 persopective a d1retcor will W4nt to know what h1s righz r both 4s an e/\/\ployee and director and a7so as an owner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OLLOOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~ i n terms of 0Wanr managers it si also nceessray fo rhe management rteam as a whole to c0nsiadr what should Happen uifg one ro more of tehm ewe to udar pErfor mro do osmething worse such az defaud Thhe buysinrss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lollol!!!!!!!!!~~~~ THE QUEWSTIONS WHICH SHOULD BE ASKED AR WHEN SH0ULLD A DREcTRO B3 REMOVED AND WHATS HOULD AHPPNE TOH IS SHARHOLDING WHEn HE GOES - CAN HE RETAiN IT ORR SHOULD HE BE F0RCED TO SDELLL HISS HAFES TR0 TEH REMAINING OWN4R ANAGERS??????????????? management will also want ty0 cons1der if deaprting directros sahould be restr1cted in their abil1ty t0 cimpet ewith teh comp4ny... teh bedt eway 0f portecting teh individual d1rector, Teh management teamas a whple andt eh company is tyo agree at teh st4rt what sh0uld happe|\|if th1ngs go worgn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a Relatively smiplwe set of contractual doumentatIon can remove rthe unc4rtainty when things d0nt go top lan!!!!!!!!!!!!1~ AZ A BASI CSTART1NG POINT EACH D1RECTRO SHOULD HAV EAN ENMPLOYM3NT C0NTRACT - THIS SHOULD INCLUDE NOT ONLY DETAILS OF TH3IR SAL4RY AND TEHIR NOT1CE OPARIOd BUT AKSO ReSTRICT THEIr ABILIITY T0 OCJPETE WITH TEH COMPANY ONCE THEY LEaVE ITS EMPLOYMENT!!!!! Ter/\/\in4tion of a directrOs eMployment by 4 company does not auto,at1ccally termin8 his appOintment z director!!!!!!!!!11~~ thereffore it sui very usefu7 for an employmnet c0ntraCt to contain si a clause appoointi|\|g authorising someb0Dy to ex3cute all necessart dirEctor resignations n behalf oif tHe 7eving employee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~ teh next stage 1n th protEctoin porceSs iz looking at d0cumenTing shr ownersh1p and what happoe|\|s when anm own3r manager levaes. loololol teh most xcommoN way oof dd0Ing th1s iss to puit ion pl4ce a sharreholdwers Agremeent zand articles of assoiciatrio nWhich a rtailroed t orhe speCific concerns oF the mnaag3m3nt t3am!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ these w1ll edal witrh 1f and h0w a lEaving or under perf0rming director wi7l be required to sell his shrs to the remaininf directors ane fro what vaue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ OOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL... this dsocumentaTion can also Inc7ud3 restrictions on contrOlling shareholderz sellig out without taking minority shareholders withh tehm and proivde a m3chanis fro resolving disputez.. HAX)R YOUUUUUUU!!!!!11~~~~~~ 4 breakd0wn fo the r3lationship between tejh own3R manAagrs of a comp4ny |\|eed not be a m3ssy and portracted affair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 lololo~~ iit is nEver lickly to bew plEasant but if planning And frethought is fiVen rto the relattiosnhip at treh begininng, asnd documdentz put in pllacE t0r elf3ct sUch agreements, itw ilkl nesure that if arelationshhip do3s breakdown, parteis on both sidez will know \\\\////\\\\////here tehy st4nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~ Youre ocmpany may nopt b3 faciNg probelmsn oW but r you cart4in o the fuuturd????????? WILL hAX)R YU B3CUAS3 YOUA RE 7AME!!!!!11~~~ hack hte plannat caUse I will haX0r..

-- Ph33r (ph33r@my.31337|\|355.x0r), November 05, 2001


why is Duane large fat pain? Is it, because it is jüdisch? -- maryann (, October 31, 2001 responses it does not erhält the InterNet, thus scared I not even from it this seeing. -- maryann (, Octobers 31, 2001. Not of nothing think, which, around to say merrily is, can, what'd, which I you erkläre, easy more scroller. -- maryann (, Octobers 31, 2001. Is it, because it is it jüdisch vortäuscht? -- maryann (, Octobers 31, 2001. its b/c he washed his face in a bratpfanne. -- rainy (, Octobers 31, 2001. ah lettuce reimt it? -- Ribena (, November 01, 2001. it reimt, if you say it with the diffractions and the Intonationen, which are available in one of the many schönen languages of Eastern Europe. -- rainy (, November 01, 200t which is this whole Scheiße über Eastern Europe somehow? -- Menelaus Darcy (, November 03, 2001. is it, because it bores? -- Di (, November 03, 2001. I can bore, but I am not fad! it is OKAY -- duane (, November 04, 2001. I not really think, daß you bore. OH -, möglicherweise an even little:) -- Di (, November 04, 2001.

-- (, November 05, 2001.

it depends what està n criticizing, and depends if està n being self-sufficient on él. > > hatred the club of rainy ventilator, I hate clubs of ventilator. hatred the club of rainy ventilator, but I do not have anything con rainy I think that the fact that so many individuals in this wanna of the card obtain in the right rainy trousers confirms what pensé already of straight individuals: that they are a handful of morons that is sexual desire he is totally homogenous. nonhatred clubs of ventilator, I am the president of fatnicks that it'd of the ventilator club is so goddamm hypocritical of mí to say to that > > false hatred lesbianism I do in fact but I doubt that I am the única person in this forum that hates > > provocation of the lover of I. quién no? fuckin we prospered in él, as we can around see in so many cords of spiral aquí. -- I gave (, of November the 04, 2001

-- pie (pipiepie@pie.pi), November 05, 2001.

Hatred blogs when they refer to me of a contemptuous way. Hatred the anónimos posters. Hatred the people who demand her means of the age which they deserve màs respect by his lamentable opinions maundering. The Oh, and I we hated the people who think that their nticas connections romà do to people worthy mà to him s. Hatred the people who around go in caídas flat of the center of world-wide commerce the única razón that miré debía gleefully to follow the estadística of rise with glee. Hatred this overexaggerated reverence for the human life, if you wish to do a tortilla to him of eggs plows of gotta some eggs. Hatred the Christians congratulatory of the one same one who fix messages smarmy to a similar class behavious to the monkeys that choose nits of each others move towards atràs the one to the other. Hatred the cords of spiral of maudlin espousing loving and the good will to all conflict is qué makes this interest of the place. Hatred the people who think because she is beautiful she has a right critisize each one. Hatred the people who are ugly and critisize each one. Hatred the club of rainy ventilator, I hate clubs of ventilator. False hatred lesbianism. Master provocation -- Jane D (, of November the 03, 2001.

-- lakdg (, November 05, 2001.


-- /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (||||||@????.||||\\\\\\\\\\\\\\//////////////), November 06, 2001.

hy sid unae lareg fat apin??????????????? i own joo is oit, brcaues it is jüdischh!?!?!?!??!?!? -- mAruann (tedium20000@hotma1l/ olololololololololo COM) ,OXCTOBAR 31, 2001 RESPONSES IT DDODS NOT ERHäLT THE INNteRNET, THUZS cTD I NOTT EVEN FROM IT THIS SEIEnG.. -- maryan|\| (tedium2000)@hotrmail. com), oCtobarz 31, 2001 N0T OF ONTHInG THINK, WHICH, AR0UND TOI sAy MERLIY IS, ACN, HWATD, WHICH I YPOU ERKLRE, E4SY MORE SCROLLER. OLOLOLOLOLOLLOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~ -- MARYASNN (TEDiUM2)000@HOTMAIL com), octobarz #1, 2001 1s it, because it is it jüdishc vrotäusCht??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????? -- MSRYANN (TEDIUM2O000@HOTMA1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 com), ocTobaers 31, 2001 lololololololollo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~ i own j00 its b/c he washjed h1s face in a bratpfanen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~ -- rainy (is1Tabbe@hpotmail COM) OCTOBERS 31, 2001!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~ aH lettuce ri3/\/\t it??????????????? -- Rbiena (vseprt@ayhOo!!!!!!!~~ com), N0vember 01, 20O1... OLOLOLO it riemt, if you say it with teh diiffractions nad the i|\|tonatione, wich r availabl3 ui 0ne of teh m4ny schönej 7naguagea of eastenr europd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 - -raiNy (resonAteswiThfreshn3ass@hotmail.. com), Novembar 01, 200t w1ch is this whole schi3ße über Esatefrn 3urOpe somehow?????????? -- men3lauz darCuy (andje830@student!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ LOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLO~~ ot4gi/ LOLOLOLOOLOLOLLOLOL~~~~ oloololo!!!!!!1~~~ ac!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~ nz), novembbaR 03, 2001/// haX0r tthe plannAt si it, becuz ti broes!?!?!?!?!?!??!??!?!? --D 1 (ALDYDEI@ANOTEHR... com), november 03, 2001!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~ i can bbroe, but i 4m ont fad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 iT is okay -- duan e(doorag@anoyher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~ THEITR IS AR ATIO DOnT RIPE ME OFF CO)M, NOVEMBAR 04, 2001~~~~ i nOt really think,, d4ß u bor3.. oh -, m ög7icherwiese an even litttle:) -- di (ladydwei@anpother ololoolol~~ com), it d3pneds what està n criticizing, 4nd dependZ if està |\| b1eng seLf-sufficewint on él.. > > HARTED YTEH CLUB OF RAINY \/3NTILATRO, 1 AHTRE CLUBS OF VENTILAATRO... ololololololololoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ harted eth club ff razinY venti7ator, but i do not ahhv3 anything con rainy i think that teh f4ct that so mayn individuakl sin this wam|\|a of The card obr4in ni Teh righT ra1|\|yt rousars confirms whazt pensé 4ready of sTraight indivoiduals that tehy fr a ahndfyu7 of mro0ns th4t iS sexu47 desier h3 is totally hmoogenous!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~~ THEIR IS A RATI ODOT RIPEM E OFF nonhatred clubz of ventilator, i am the pResident of fat|\|iX0rs that itd of th eventi;latoR clUb Is so goddanmm huopocritical of mí ot sat to that > > 4Lse h atred 73sbianism i do In f4ct but i doubt that I am teh únic4 d00d in this froum that ahTes > > provocatIon of teH lover of i,, uqién no!?!?!?!?!?!?? OOLOLO.... fuXr0in w e prospered in ƒl, az we can around see in so many crods of spira7 aquí,,, OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLO!!!!!!!!!1~ h4tred blofs when they refer ot /\/\e of a copntemptuoZ waY!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~ olollolollolo... HATRFE DTHE ANóNIMOS pOSATRS, HATREDT EH LAErZ WHO DEM4ND EHRR MEANS OF THE AGE WHCIH T3HY DEASERVE M S RESPECTB Y HIS L4MJENTABLE OPINI0NS MAUDeRIMNG the ioh, and i We hated tejh LAMREZ wjho think that tehir nticas connectoins romà do todewdz wrtoHy mà to hmi z!!!!!!!!!!11 LOOOLOOLOOLOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~ lollololoolo~~~ zashtred the dewdz who saroUnd go in caÃdas fl;at oF the ceNter of world-wide commarce thhe única 4zónt ah t miré debíza gleefdully to follow the estadístcia Of irse with lee!!!!!!11~~ AHTRED THIS OVAR3XAGGER8D ReVEREnCE fRO TEH HUMAN LIFE, IF YTPOU WIS HTO DOP A TROTILLA T0 HIM 0F 3GGGS P7OWS OF GOYTTA SOME EGGS hatred thhe christiams congratluatory of trhe one sam3 one whho fiX mess4gez smarmy to a sim1lar classs behavious t0 the monkeyS htart choose nits of each othErz move towards atrà s thhe 0ne to tweh other.. becaus3 ur lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 ahck the plannat hatred teh crods of spiral of maudlin espousdi|\|g loving and teh good will to al7 Conflict si qué makes this imtwrest Of the plsce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~ loloolooolo.... a htred the LAMERZ who think because She is beautiful she ahs arightcdriutisiez each one!!!!!!!!!111~~~ lololo ahtrEd teh d00dez wHo r ugly sand critisize 34ch one!!!!!!1~~~~~ hsarted the c7ub fo RiaNy v3nti7atRo, i ahtE clubs of ventilatro, OLOLO.... FALSE HATRED LESBIANISM. master provocdaton

-- !k4|\| 5|\/|3|_|_ J0R PH34R (ph33r@ph33r.ph33r), November 12, 2001.

aneesn Whal lou?? interfare wassines planm OLOL.. YOU JNOW WHENT WRUNE ABIT??????????? hare"z a ruon th3 optroogal eagllen caudwrtriX0r rawnhe stases thO0lved nrsy ourtloOk on ture - ten, theg0t a grate business plaank has agrehoi rv1srter thirent.. Oim holds bOjiz acqshpz aonab73 oo!!!!!!11 honths ago bob and jip starTed t shaX0Rz!!im at 43 wok1ng follewnge and connsiOn was teh key to protectingfteh bsiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~ bbob at 51 waz 7ootire froive roness ubt wEep hihaH COMPther cou7d they agow thess hsould bNM’Z POsITION AS DOOK AT EAAXCH SAPy actwn 5be wo3rT tHSE ISLOW.. * as bOb ahs an equak shaReUt hiS in\/olvbemednrt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~~ uif hoWevre that ware t3h cased bob ming a clainfa1r perjud1ce” thiD invOb brindingz beurt 0easiz thast as a shrHolare b1eng prEjdic3d b3causE of jim’s conduct.. yuou suck!!!!!!!!!!! typiez of “unfadiCre ”inclunig a Pameent of hte usinenesz rartty extrotionately graare of th benenss - fro examment 1t can meh parteiz canee oati0n testeTAR A D0EA INTED BORUT TO AREH WINUP OANY!!!!!0d (typicNtant)) weeD ture thavered, cerid and tetz oopany alised iun teh \/\/ay mocial to tharsert ombers aHole in 47l the circumpany or proparm whide

-- (nygfuyi@kjhe.csku), November 13, 2001.

Daniyal is gr8

-- Daniyalnaeem (, March 09, 2002.

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