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Hi how do you clip a rabbits toenails??????

-- Stephanie (, November 05, 2001


Well, you could use the same kind of clippers you use on a dog or cat. However, if you will keep a small board (ours are approx 8x10 inches) in the cage with the rabbit, the rabbit will scratch it, keeping its own nails trimmed just fine. They also like to sit on the board, and of course, chew on it - which also keeps their teeth nicely trimmed.

-- Cheryl in KS (, November 05, 2001.

We trim our rabbits right around county fair time just for the show. Otherwise, they keep them on their own just fine. But what we do is to towel the rabbit, have someone else hold it and flip it on its back, while you grab the foot in question. We use a dog nail clippers (works great) and use the safety plate on it so we don't cut too much nail off. If you are working with white nails, you can see the vein. Do not cut that. If you are working with dark nails, this is trickier. We just cut a little off the tips. Hope this helps a little!

-- Lisa in WI (, November 05, 2001.

I use regular people toenail clippers or small wire cutters. I just sit them on my lap and take one foot at a time. It's easier if they are handled all the time. Like someone said, watch for the vein. If you cut and the nail is a little powdery, it's okay. If it starts being solid, don't cut any more. If you quick it (hit blood) don't panic, just use steptic pencil, quick stop (sold in pet stores) or even cobwebs or sugar if nothing else is available. Then keep the foot dry. They heal quickly. If your rabbit's nails aren't too long yet, you can just cut off the tip and keep them cut regularly. Back feet have four toes, front have five. Don't forget that tiny toe on the front feet.

-- Dee (, November 05, 2001.

Depending on the size of the rabbit, I used either small dog nail clippers for the large rabbit, and my own nail clippers for a small holland lop.

As someone mentioned, truss up the rabbit in a large towel, acts like a straight jacket. Just wrap the the towel around, snug but not too tight. I found doing that I could tuck the rabbit on it's back on the couch between a couple pillows (these bunnies were housepets) and pull one paw out at a time. Certainly helps if you have a second person helping. Make sure not to get your hand too close to its mouth if it's as nasty as the French lop/New Zealand I had, she would snarl and his during the procedure, and nailed me in the heel of the hand a couple times.

It's easier to see the quicks if you look from the underside of the nail. On dark nails it can be hard to tell.


-- Chelsea (, November 05, 2001.

I keep my 7 angora rabbit's toenails clipped since I groom them each weekly. They are very tame and don't give me any trouble doing it. I use a small dog nail trimmer. The type with plier type handles. You should be able to get one at any pet shop. You can easily see the "quick" on the white nails..the dark ones are trickier, but just take off a little at a time. I don't clip them nearly as short as dog nails.

-- Jenny (, November 05, 2001.

I never tried it on rabbits, but you could try the 'mommy hold'. Where you gather up the animal by the nape of the neck & lift it up. Reduces blood flow & makes them calmer & sleepy.

-- bj pepper in C. MS. (, November 06, 2001.

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