Has anyone used this cattle wormer?

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Has anyone used the new cattle wormer from Nasco called Safe-Guard Wormer Top Dress, which is in a pellet form that you spread over their regular ration. At $4.55/lb. it is drastically less expensive than the liquid Ivomec pour-on wormers, but are the pellets as effective?



-- Bruce (rural@inebraska.com), November 04, 2001


Bruce how is safeguard working as a wormer in your area? Here in East Texas it will only work at 3 to 5 times the dosage. So if a pound of pellets will treat 500 pounds of cattle, we would have to use enough to treat 1500 to 2500 pounds of cattle, considerably more expensive than Valbazen or Ivermectin. I do know boer goat owners who use this pellet on their goats, using it as their "safe" wormer on bred does. A fecal sample before, then 10 days after you use the pellet will answer the question of how much to use, and what it kills for you very quickly. The most expensive wormer is the one that isn't working. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh (vickilonesomedoe@hotmail.com), November 04, 2001.

I mix diatamateous earth with my minerals and never have a parasite problem. One lb. to 50 lbs. of salt/minerals. Sometimes I do this-- 2 lb. diatamateous earth, 50 lbs. kelp, 50. lbs. minerals, 50 lbs. stock salt. They are so "caught up" nutritionally that I haven't even bought minerals since April--they still have plenty in the feeder.

-- Frances Burt (fsburt@msn.com), November 04, 2001.

I use safe guard block . You put it out like block salt and leave it in the field 3 days it works great dont forget to take up the other salt or mineral block so as they will only use the safe guard block .Cost about $35.00 Hope this helps. Indiana Country Friend Jack Bunyard

-- jack bunyard (bunyard@cnz.com), November 05, 2001.

Thanks all for the input.

I also use DE but am not sure it is effective for the cows. I have heard one report that DE is not effective in a wet environment (in the gut) and is most useful after it passes thru the cow in killing parasites that invade the cow's stool.


-- Bruce (rural@inebraska.com), November 05, 2001.

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