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I'm thinking about buying one of those black powder kit guns, like in the Dixie Gun Works catalog. Has anyone ever built one? I suppose I probably have average mechanical and woodworking skills in addition to the average tools.

My thinking is this might be an interesting way to spend those lousy crappy winter days and nights and weekends when the weather is just not good enough to get out and do things.

Thanks and be well


-- gene ward (, November 03, 2001


Yup, built several a few years ago. Nothing has changed. Just go slow, really taking extra care, and it will come out fine. No special skills are needed if you have a general handyman ability you will do fine. Be real careful in finishing the inletting (not much needed) and no matter what you will have a good shooter.

-- Joe (, November 04, 2001.

I have built about 7 and all shoot fine plus look good hanging on the wall. Use a good finish on the wood. Take your time, you can't go back and change it. I sold 2 for about 4 times what I paied for the kits. Also pay a little extra for the kit and get a good one like Hawkin.

-- Mel Kelly (, November 04, 2001.

Where can I get a gun kit catalogue?

-- mitch hearn (, November 05, 2001.

Do it! Although I have killed somewhere around 50 deer, the biggest thrill was a fine fat doe I got with the blackpowder gun I built from a kit in the late '70's. Killed the deer in '99. I am not dependent upon game to keep my belly full these days, but the "primitive" arms certainly make it more exciting for me. If I needed the meat to survive, I guess I'd go to snares. Illegal, but efficient. Illegal doesn't mean much if you are really hungry. On the other hand, black powder hunting is a trip, in my less than humble opinion! GL!

-- Brad (, November 05, 2001.

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