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There is a song by Garnet Rogers called Small Victories and when I listened to it the other day for about the millionth time I thought of you. If you can find this song (its on the CD of the same name) I think you will really like it. Its right up your alley. Have a great day.

-- Alison in N.S. (, November 02, 2001


Wow, Alison...thanks. I haven't heard it, but will try to find it. How kind of you! :)

-- Shannon at Grateful Acres Animal Sanctuary (, November 03, 2001.

You're welcome Sahnnon. Its a great story in the song. The first time I heard it was on CBC radio during Peter Gzowzki's show (not sure I spelled his last name right) on my way to work and I bawled like a fool!! I hope you can find it sometime. PS: as incentive I'll tell you this..its about a horse.

-- Alison in N.S. (, November 03, 2001.

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