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Just sepia toned (Kodak) some AGFA MCC118. As the print was agitated in the toner numerous dark blockes appeared. The shapes were irregular and varied from less than 1 mm to 3-4mm. They have a black color with a bronzy center. They appeared in the image area as well as the white border. Does anyone have a clue as to what I did wrong???????


-- ricardo (, November 02, 2001



Did you flash them like you told us you did when you went to college?


-- Jim Rock (, November 02, 2001.

No, Jimmy boy, nothing special was done at the printing stage. Actually, I'm thinking some sort of contamination/sloppy processing on my end but can't put it together chemically yet. I'm hopeing someong can explain the sulfiding that's occurring.


-- rrr (, November 02, 2001.


Could there have possibly been air bubbles clinging to the print surface preventing a complete wash in the area of the bubbles?

-- Ken Burns (, November 02, 2001.

No. I left the prints sit in water for the past 3 hrs and most of the effects have dissipated. There are a few remnent spots, but not what first appeared when toning. I am at a complete loss on this. It is almost as if there was some kind or clinging precipatate on the emulsion just after toning that eventually disappeared after soaking for some time.

-- r (, November 02, 2001.

YOu might consider the fixing process. If not washed and fixed properly, toning will show any defaults with the fixer or wash times.

-- Ann C lancy (, November 03, 2001.

I always avoid using variable contrast papers for prints I intend to tone. They are not really made for that job...

-- George Papantoniou (, November 07, 2001.

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