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The Annenberg/CPB Channel airs a variety of video workshops in science (among other subject areas) at odd hours of the morning, so you need to be able to set a VCR in order to tape them. I have a full schedule if you are interested, but here's a couple of series you might want to check out.

Unseen Life on Earth: An intro to Microbiology
Begins airing on Nov. 14 and repeats thru May 2002. (12 1/2-hour segments)

Shedding Light on Science: All about light
Begins January, 2002. More for K-5 teachers, but probably relevant to Middle School, especially since we don't cover light until 7th grade! (8 1-hour videos)

Force & Motion
Already in session, you can view the 5th installment on Nov. 7, 4:00AM, or wait until it starts again in March, 2002. (8 1-hour videos)

Programs air from about 1:00AM to 6:00AM on WNYE (Channel 25).

-- Michael Gatton (, November 02, 2001

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