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Report says 24 million job opportunities at risk

A report says 24 million job opportunities will be lost around the world next year.

The International Labour Organisation says the world is facing a major crisis.

ILO Director General Juan Somavia says a global stimulus package is needed immediately.

The organisation says the airline industry will take years to recover from the 200,000 lay-offs which have followed the US terror attacks. Before September 11 the industry employed four million people worldwide.

The ILO says that 24 million extra jobs will be lost next year, with an extra nine million in the hotel and tourism industry also under threat if the slump continues.

The ILO's figures for the losses include actual and prospective jobs.

The Geneva-based body says there are about one billion people who are jobless, under-employed or "working poor".

It also says 80% of people of working age have no access to basic social protection.

It says the US terror attacks have made things worse. The ILO is holding a conference of more than 700 world and political leaders which runs until Saturday.

Mr Somavis says it will discuss "the biggest threats to human security affecting the largest number of people - rising unemployment and poverty".

-- Martin Thompson (, November 01, 2001

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