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I have recently moved house and I can no longer get credit .The previous tenant was in debt with various companies and also had CCJ's. How do I get these debts disassociated with my address?

-- Caroline Roberts (, November 01, 2001


You can't get the debts disassociated with the address, because the person lived there and made those debts - its a fact.

You say that you have just moved house, that alone can sometimes be a reason to not get credit. You must make sure that everyone you have agreements with at the present is notified of your new address, so that the Credit Reference Agencies get their records updated too.

If you are worried, then I suggest that you write to the Credit Reference Agencies and get a copy of your credit file. There are two types of file you can get - one is your basic credit file and the other is everything which the CRA's have on their computers about you. See elsewhere on this website for information on Subject Access Rights Notices. You will be able to see on your records if there is anything detrimental relating to your new address, and have it corrected.

-- pendle (, November 02, 2001.

Things will improve once you get on the electoral register, and provided you were clear at your last address, and can provide them with this information, you should be able to get credit.


-- Not Likely (, November 03, 2001.

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