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Barricades go up at nuclear plant in Crystal River

Additional security steps are taken after a national alert that a new wave of terrorist attacks is possible. By ALEX LEARY

St. Petersburg Times, published November 1, 2001


CRYSTAL RIVER -- Responding to a new alert from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Florida Power has placed additional concrete barricades around its energy complex and requested more security from the Citrus County Sheriff's Office.

The NRC advisory followed a warning by federal authorities on Monday that a new wave of terrorist attacks against the United States were planned in the coming week.

On Tuesday, the government prohibited private planes from flying within 11.5 miles of nuclear power plants, action that shut down Crystal River Airport. The ban lasts until Wednesday.

Florida Power installed additional barricades Tuesday at "strategic" locations around its sprawling energy complex, which includes a nuclear reactor and several coal-fired plants.

In addition, a second deputy was brought to the site. Other steps were taken, but spokesman Mac Harris declined to be specific.

Despite these measures, there has been no "credible" threat against Crystal River or any of the nation's other 102 nuclear plants, said NRC spokeswoman Sue Gagner.

The Crystal River facility has been on heightened alert since Sept. 11. Access has been limited to those with essential business, and armed guards patrol the grounds. The Coast Guard is monitoring the nearby Gulf of Mexico.

-- Martin Thompson (, November 01, 2001

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