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what is the substitute of agfa ultra neg film? vista? could anyone compare fuji superia 100,reala 100,agfa vista 100,hdc100,kodak gold 100 and royal gold 100 for me?

-- legnum (, November 01, 2001


Vista is the latest consumer negative film by AGFA, which incroporates a 4th colour layer. It got top test results in the European photo press, for example it was number one for ISO 100 colour films in one of the German journals.

-- Volker Schier (, November 01, 2001.

Agfa announced a special 100 ASA film as replacement for Ultra 50 a few months ago. But it seems to have been cancelled, maybe because of weak response from dealers and customers. So, at the moment, there is no real equivalent to Fuji Velvia and Kodak EC in the negative film business. From the mentioned films, gold 100 and superia 100 are known for saturated colors.

-- Georg Kern (, November 01, 2001.

Hi there:

Konica Impressa 50 is the finest grain sharpest colour neg film available with very good saturation. Great stuff, as Konica films are, in my not so humble opinion, vastly underrated.

Thats all folks

-- RICHRRD ILOMAKI (, November 01, 2001.

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