A New Rural Living Book in Canada

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There is a new book thats just come out of the material gleaned from 25 years of Rural Delivery, a country magazine here in Canada. The book is called Getting Rid Of Alders and you can get a look at it on www.countrymagazines.com , web home of Rural Delivery and other magazines published by Dirk Van Loon's company. Just thought it might be of general interest to you all and some nice reading for the winter.

-- Alison in N.S. (aproteau@istar.ca), October 31, 2001


Sounds interesting! I'll be taking a closer look when I have more time!

Hey guys - y'all be nice to Ali; she didn't play "nice enough for the Country Families forum!!

-- Polly (tigger@moultrie.com), October 31, 2001.

Oh Polly..you are such a card! :o) I promise to TRY and not rock any boats while I am here, I swear!

-- Alison in N.S. (aproteau@istar.ca), November 01, 2001.

Sounds like a book I'd like to read, Alison, thanks for telling us about it. :)

-- Jennifer L. (Northern NYS) (jlance@nospammail.com), November 02, 2001.

Your are most welcome, Jennifer. I always like to pass on any new finds I come accross. I get the magazine every month and have several back issues that I found in thrift stores etc. I enjoy it quite a bit. It has a folksy down homey feel most of the time but there are often some timely articles.

-- Alison in N.S. (aproteau@istar.ca), November 02, 2001.

"Hey guys - y'all be nice to Ali; she didn't play "nice enough for the Country Families forum!!"

Is that the thread that was deleted just recently? If so, I missed it! What happened? Can you post it here?

-- Joy F [in So. Wisconsin] (CatFlunky@excite.com), November 02, 2001.

Can I post the thread that was deleted here? No, I didn't save it. Can I post what happened with Alison, sure. Please do note, however, that Melissa, moderator over at Country Families sent me an e-mail objecting to my "jibe" about Alison not playing nice enough for them; so if you have anything to say regarding that, there is a possibility you will hear from her. And yes, for those of you who read over there; I'm the one with the criticsm of the diet she feeds her family.

The thread that was deleted was religious in orientation. Started out with Halloween, somehow segued into Catholics are evil, which (for some unknown reason) irritated the Catholics on the board...it went downhill fast from there.

The thing about Alison was a quote that she had deleted, trying to get her to post it but if she doesn't soon, I will. It was just a cute little saying but it contained a word in it that the moderator didn't think was appropriate; so she deleted it and another one that was similar in tone. I thought it was funny; but then again, y'all know my warped sense of humor!

-- Polly (tigger@moultrie.com), November 03, 2001.

Actually I wasn't even trying to get her to post it back up..I just thought she was being a bit..uuummm...strict with the language laws since the word is not profanity and isn't even classified as vulgar or profane in the dictionary. But its been pointed out repeatedly to me that it was her forum and her call and if I wasn't happy I could leave so I left. Mostly because a simple question was getting me attacked all the time via the emailed responses. But its all in the past now and brighter days ahead. I do miss some of the people. Mostly Mitch and Cathy. Until that incident I was very happy there. I don't want to post that quote here because I don't want to start the same war over here and get labelled a trouble maker or as my dear ol' momma says ..a s*^t disturber. Don't that just bring a tear to your eye..such tenderness...LOL

-- Alison in N.S. (aproteau@istar.ca), November 03, 2001.

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