Kathryn, where are you?

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I am searching for Kathryn Higgins, I know that she has served in a mission in Portugal and I need to contact her as soon as I can. Her middle name is Amory, she has lived in California, Indiana, and other states of America.

-- Korey Dawson (acumen_bast7@yahoo.com), October 31, 2001



go to whowhere.com and search for her name. She lives in Temecula CA, her age is (at the time I searched, although it may not be correct) 22.

Please email me back. I hope you find her and have a chance to talk to her.

Mollie-Beth Pustelnik

-- Mollie-Beth Pustelnik (mbleibecke@hotmail.com), August 05, 2002.

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