I can recognise Eastern European people, can you?

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There is a boy who sometimes goes on the computers and I knew he was Eastern European by looking at him. Then I heard him talking, and it was true! I recognised the Slavic type from news stories about Bosnia and Serbia, and my friend from Slovakia.

-- maryann (tedium2000@hotmail.com), October 30, 2001


But my stereotypes can't be that great, because the two other Eastern European people he's talking to don't look the particular way.

-- maryann (tedium2000@hotmail.com), October 30, 2001.

Actually I think it's the haircut. French and Slavic people often have that kind of longish flicked back hair. Not all that long. And the Slavic people wear blue shirts.

-- maryann (tedium2000@hotmail.com), October 30, 2001.

Now I am going to transcribe what he's saying

I got kicked out of the apartment because he wanted to live there

It's a big place

That's what I told him

24 hours

i think it will be fine. we have been on holidays before. it's paradise.

I haven't been there for two months. I just bought running shoes.

-- maryann (tedium2000@hotmail.com), October 30, 2001.

I don't have longish flicked back hair and have only one blue shirt. Then again, I'm only 1/2 Slavic (and, according to certain Russians, us Polacks ain't real Slavs anyway).

-- Tadeusz Suchodolski (llamasfur@aol.com), October 30, 2001.

The guy who just sat down with them is SO CLEAN! He is obviously from Germany.

-- rainy (isitagirl@hotmail.com), October 30, 2001.

Ah, but do you wear that same blue shirt every day??

-- maryann (tedium2000@hotmail.com), October 30, 2001.

some of their hand gestures include: the gesture that indicates somethings width, the gesture that means "so-so".

And one of them waved to a girl ... she's with them now.

-- rainy (isitagirl@hotmail.com), October 30, 2001.

now for some more of the conversation.

I'm leaving on Monday too.

The 26th of December but I think I will fly back then.

Are you going back to Mora[?]

No really?

Were you walking?

ooh a girl has come along and is flirting with him. and he touches her side! she looks embarressed and flinches. It's something to do with horseriding. She's from some Eastern European place too. They are friends.

When is you last one?

Ok, I'm going to have to write what the girl says in reply. Girl: exam? Thursday. Why are you here?

I feel alone. No, really, I can't say goodbye, I'm used to sitting here all day, just waiting here for you.

The German guy has a loud rumbling voice, but I refuse to transcribe what he's saying, because he's not Eastern European.

-- maryann (tedium2000@hotmail.com), October 30, 2001.

I wish I could take a nice walk in the leaves with him

-- maryann (tedium2000@hotmail.com), October 30, 2001.

By the way, I don't really like Eastern Europeans especially. It's just that they seem so emotional and lacking in irony. They're like, all the things that are repressed here. Except for they keep up the misogyny. Actually, they're much more misogynistic. So I guess you could say that we repress our misogyny.

-- maryann (tedium2000@hotmail.com), October 30, 2001.

and after the leaf walk, some cooky glass action.

-- rainy (isitagirl@hotmail.com), October 30, 2001.

The conversation continues ...

I think she had to sit the practical though

yeah? you tried it?

and ah another hundred dollars for transportation. hundred for transportation?

it's too expensive. I thought, is it worth it?

You know when you've done it, it wasn't that crowded.

I wanted to go to Wanaka maybe ... I don't know if she's going to Queenstown ... and then we will go tramping for maybe two days in Mt Aspiring ... Nelson ... maybe Auckland for two days ... or you mean just do [?] anywhere? yeah you cross the ... I know what you're talking about ... I think I will see [?] anyway. the walking is quite good [leaf walking?] ... you know where should be quite nice, the Milford Sounds, it's a coastal track ...

-- maryann (tedium2000@hotmail.com), October 30, 2001.

You can make a phone call... you just pay by ...

-- maryann (tedium2000@hotmail.com), October 30, 2001.

Taupo and the volcanic area maybe ... much more scenic ... we haven't seen Fiordland ... I haven't been to Mt Aspiring ... Should go to Mt Cook ...

-- maryann (tedium2000@hotmail.com), October 30, 2001.

I saw him again today. It's quite comforting to know he's here because he's lonely.

-- maryann (tedium2000@hotmail.com), October 31, 2001.

now i seen him too. she's right, you can totally tell he's from eastern europe.

-- (doorag@another.com), October 31, 2001.

And the gun to his head was removed. He groaned and lowered his head into his hands ... little did he know that this was only the beginning.

-- maryann (tedium2000@hotmail.com), October 31, 2001.

i was just walking thru the university grounds with maryann & the danish student janus & maryann said, there's that eastern european guy. but janus knew the guy & said hello to him & maryann asked him, so where's that guy from & janus said, the netherlands.



-- (doorag@another.com), November 03, 2001.

maryann is lucky enough to be able to tell everything about a person just by looking at them

-- di (ladydie@another.com), November 03, 2001.

when the reality deviates from my opinion of things reality is definitely wrong.

-- Menelaus Darcy (andje830@student.otago.ac.nz), November 03, 2001.

went through the library today, but did not see the people that we thought were from Eastern Europe.

-- rainy (isitagirl@hotmail.com), November 21, 2001.

I wish a meteorite would evaporate the confines of my room and punch a hole through my cranium. This nightmare is killing me. I want to backabdicate my rasterfarogenomeinisms....................film at eleven.

-- Glenn (gj_usa1@yahoo.com), November 23, 2001.

Glenn - every day is a new day

-- maryann (tedium2000@hotmail.com), November 23, 2001.

Boy... for a while there I wasn't sure I would make it to the end of this thread !!!

-- Glenn (gj_usa1@yahoo.com), November 23, 2001.

Where is that meteor ??

-- Glenn (gj_usa1@yahoo.com), November 23, 2001.

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