Ferry explodes, sinks off China coast

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Ferry explodes, sinks off China coast Last Updated: Mon Oct 29 02:35:08 2001 / CBC

BEIJING - At least six people were killed when a ferry exploded off China's northeastern coast Sunday night.

The ferry Tonghui was carrying tanker trucks filled with liquefied natural gas when it exploded and sank in the Bohai Strait. Six people are dead and another 21 are missing after rescuers pulled five survivors off the boat before it sank. The search included three navy ships, two helicopters, a special rescue ship, and fishing boats, according to media reports.

Investigators are looking into what caused the blast.

The ferry was headed for the Shandong province's port of Longkou from Lushun in Liaoning province, about 200 kilometres away. On board were passengers and nine trucks, six of which were loaded with the natural gas.

-- Rich Marsh (marshr@airmail.net), October 30, 2001

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